On the ways of faith

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Faith is life

Piotr Chmielinski

When all things go well faith helps us be thankful. When things are wrong faith gives hope. Faith is our daily life, our daily bread. In Advent 'Niedziela' introduces three theological virtues: faith, hope and love. »

O Christ, exercise all thy rights over us!

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

The Feast of Christ the King ends the liturgical year. In the light of the approaching local elections it is worth remembering that the most important moral law is the law of love and the biggest royalty is service. »

Die only once, after which comes judgement

Piotr Chmielinski talks to Prof. Jacek Salij, O.P, a theologian.

We will be judged after death. We will stand before God in all truth. Then we will see all our good deeds and sins as well as the ambiguity of our intentions, all our sacrifice and all our egocentrism, all God's mercy, which he showed towards us, and all graces, which we wasted. »

In the Marian school of the Rosary

Fr Emilio Crdenas, SM

The rosary is an evangelical prayer exercise, having various levels of depth. We need a coach who will teach us and lead us. So we need a spiritual director or catechist who knows well the method, exercises, variants and possibilities of rosary prayer. The director should be sensitive to the condition and skills of the pupil's soul. »

Why do priests wear black?

Fr Andrzej Przybylski

Black cassock for a priest, amaranth red cassock for a bishop, scarlet cassock for a cardinal and white cassock for a pope. What do a clerical collar and other items of clerical clothing mean? Answers to such questions can be found in our weekly cycle 'Chat with a priest'. »

What is our faith like?

Milena Kindziuk

There are many factors, which define our religiousness apart from the attendance at Sunday Mass (dominicantes) and the number of people receiving Holy Communion (communicantes). Since human soul cannot be measured or weighed ( we can sum up the researches concerning the religiousness of Poles, conducted in the years 1992-2004 by the Palatine Catholic Church Statistical Institute. »

Spiritual homeopathy

Fr Andrzej Przybylski

Why is that we call ourselves Catholics, we participate in Sunday Eucharist and at the same time we keep stones, which are to protect us against diseases, we go to fortune tellers to get to know our future and we carry talismans, thinking that they have extra-natural power? »

Breaking 'The Code...'

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

We are shocked by the book and film 'The Da Vinci Code', which Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, described as 'full of slander, offences and historical and theological errors about Jesus, the Gospels and the Church.' »

Should we see 'The Da Vinci Code'?

Milena Kindziuk talks to Rev. Prof. Jozef Naumowicz, the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (UKSW) in Warsaw, specialist in Christian antiquity.

If Jesus had been married the four Evangelists would have certainly written about that and the Church would not have had any reason to conceal that fact. »

Sacrum of gestures and signs

Fr Jerzy Hajduga, CRL

In people's lives there are some situations in which the sacrum of gestures and signs is meaningful. Such situations certainly include the customs and traditions concerning the First Holy Communion. The way we make the sign of the cross, the way we kneel or the way we honour our parents show our faith and inform what traditions we pass on to our children. »

Three mysterious words: Mystery, Passover, Paschal Triduum

Fr Stanislaw Czerwik

When we listen to the language of the Church and liturgy we often, especially in Lent and Easter season, come across three words: mystery, Passover, Triduum. Can we understand them? »

We are sailing across the ocean of history

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Cardinal Georges Marie Martin Cottier, OP, Theologian emeritus of the Pontifical Household, about the problems of the contemporary Church.

The 20th century was a period of anti-human ideologies that took a heavy toll of lives, millions of victims. On its threshold the 21st century favours the development of moral loss and manipulation of human life. What is the world without ethics heading towards? »

'Let us save man with Mary'

Dorota Skibinska talks to Fr Stanislaw Jarosz, OSPPE, Definitor General of the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit.

We hear people complaining, criticising, judging. We are being bombarded with bad news in various media. What can I who have no influence on politics or decision-makers do when I see so much injustice, unemployment, poverty...? The Jasna Gora Sanctuary has taken the initiative 'Gift of Prayer'. »

Heaven for suicides

Fr Andrzej Przybylski

My son took his own life. This tragedy happened over a year ago, but I cannot still understand it. Why did God let this happen? Why did my child take such a decision? »

Gift of Lent

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

Time to cleanse your conscience, renew your system of values, time of deeds of mercy. Time of sorrow, time of repentance, time of hope and love... Lent has begun; we have 40 days for deep reflection and prayer, leading us to the sources of faith. »

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