Catholic Church in Poland

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News from Saint Irenaeus Student Center Parish

Aleksander Walewski

For a long time we have not published any news from the first, in Poland and our diocese, student center parish, which was given the status of a 'personal parish'. Some very important integration events have occurred in this community, which is being built. After the square had been blessed and a copy of the cross of the World Youth Day had been put up the students received more gifts. »

Hypocrisy and politics

Marian Miszalski

The Speaker of the Sejm Jozef Oleksy, who had resigned from the position of prime minister in the circumstances that indicated at least too familiar relationships with the Russian spy network, was anxious about the following question: 'How will Andrzej P., MP and member of the SLD (Democratic Left Alliance) who has been arrested, hold his seat if he has been taken into custody? »

A pot of slanders

Jerzy Robert Nowak

'A pot of slanders' is the title of Jerzy Robert Nowak's article, in which he argues that it could be possible to create a truly long 'White Book' about the fight with the Church only on the basis of the 'literary output' in mass media in the last half year. »

'Niedziela' in the Diocese of Sandomierz

Monsignor Ireneusz Skubis speaks to Andrzej Dziega, Bishop of the Diocese of Sandomierz

Prof. Andrzej Dziega, DD, was nominated Bishop of Sandomierz on 7 October 2002 by the Holy Father John Paul II. His specialization is canon law. He is a professor at the Catholic University of Lublin, member of the Association of Polish Canon Lawyers. Bishop Dziga speaks to Monsignor Ireneusz Skubi?, editor-in-chief of 'Niedziela, about the perspectives of 'Niedziela Sandomierska' (Sandomierz Sunday), which is now being launched, the role of the means of social communication and his ministry in the Church in the Diocese of Sandomierz. »

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