Hypocrisy and politics

Marian Miszalski

The Speaker of the Sejm Jozef Oleksy, who had resigned from the position of prime minister in the circumstances that indicated at least too familiar relationships with the Russian spy network, was anxious about the following question: 'How will Andrzej P., MP and member of the SLD (Democratic Left Alliance) who has been arrested, hold his seat if he has been taken into custody?
Will he be escorted to the sessions of the Sejm so that he can vote? Will he remain in chains during the sessions or will he be unchained? Will a guard assist him and will the prosecutor record all his talks? Will he be able to buy caviar and cognac in the parliamentary restaurant using his MP's allowance (10,000 PLN per month) or will he only eat prison food?...
These are the essential problems, which Oleksy faces because of the precedent surprise Mr P. made to the Democratic Left Alliance when he was arrested without having resigned his parliamentary seat... These problems are so important to Mr Oleksy that he needs the whole board of the Sejm, and who knows, perhaps even two chambers, to solve them...
With timidity I would like to focus on the fact that when a businessman, a shop manager, a clerk, a journalist, a carpenter or a mason is arrested, nobody is anxious who is going to prepare back invoices, who is going to deliver goods, who is going to make quarterly reports, to write the ordered article, to repair a table or to build a wall - jail is jail, and the conditions of being under arrest are regulated by laws and rules. The consent of the parliament to arrest an MP settles the matter definitively. The precedent of Mr. P. should at the least provoke a deep reflection among those decision-making SLD members who prepare polling lists in an extremely small circle and decide whose name is to be first on these lists... For it is exactly this party that proposed the candidature of Mr P. and put his name at the key place that is politically responsible for that casus pascudeus. As far as I know Mr. Oleksy belongs to the very executive committee of the SLD, which had a dominant influence on the form of those lists.
In the meantime, some people propose to secure Mr Kulczyk's property preventively as well as to check the information whether Aleksander Kwasniewski possesses secret accounts in certain Swiss banks. These demands are met with fury by the Left, which unexpectedly remembers 'the sacred right to property'... It is not 'the sacred right to property' that is at stake - but the extreme hypocrisy of the Left. The SLD has effectively blocked and limited the process of reprivatization, i.e. to return the Polish people their properties they were robed of during the communist rule. But what is proposed to them and to those who left their estates in the lands behind the Bug River (former Polish lands) is a minimal compensation, which in fact is hedged with numerous absurd conditions, and which is an affront to the sacred right to property. And everything is done under the pretext of the statement, 'the state cannot afford compensation'. This is not true: in the past some thieves of the Left took titanic sums from the national property (FOZZ, Art-B affair, etc.) and in spite of this the state still has huge properties (cultivated land, forests, wastelands, estates, state factories, state-owned enterprises, mixed companies), which could be used to easily recompense the claims of the citizens who were robbed by the communists and thus an honest reprivatization could be done. It is obvious that the Left does not want an honest reprivatization; it prefers 'a privatization' among its comrades, using coterie and fraud. The attempts to eliminate the Church Fund - without giving the Church the proceeds of the properties, which were seized earlier - are other evidences of this obvious hypocrisy. Referring to the 'sacred right to property' by those who hold only the robbed property 'sacred', is an unparalleled hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy is always an expression of evil will. We pray 'peace to men who enjoy his favour'. Only people of good will can hold an honest, creative and uplifting, dialogue. The hypocrites can at most be engaged in propaganda: 'politgramota'.
Under the threat of the investigation commission the left wing parties - SLD, SdPl, UP, UW - reply to this search for the truth and restoration of the state by doing their best: using hypocrisy and propaganda. Politgramota ...

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