Catholic Church in the world

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‘Heart speaks to heart’

Fr Pawel Rozpiatkowski

The welcome was predicted to be cold. Protests, grumbling and sniffing at the visit. But it was as always contrary to what the media speculated, which does not mean that it was easy. »

In the media there is a hunting season for Catholic priests


The question concerning the truth is the fundamental question of ‘to be or not to be’ of contemporary culture and civilisation. On no account can one give up this question. »

‘Christian Europe – between faith and politics’

Fr Jaroslaw Grabowski

The question concerning the truth is the fundamental question of ‘to be or not to be’ of contemporary culture and civilisation. On no account can one give up this question. »

Sign for our times

Julia A. Lewandowska

We witnessed the next public exposition of the Shroud of Turin. During his latest visit to Turin on 2 May 2010 Pope Benedict XVI said that ‘our epoch has become increasingly a Holy Saturday »

Returning before the Holy Countenance

The Shrine in Manoppello

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Fr Carmine Cucinelli, OFMCap, Rector of the Shrine in Manoppello.

For centuries it has been known and visited mainly by local believers. The world learnt about the relic of the Holy Countenance of Christ in 2006 thanks to the unexpected visit of Benedict XVI in this tiny Italian place, located between the mountains of Abruzzi and the Adriatic coast. »

The Church needs them

Mateusz Wyrwich

Annually almost 170,000 Christians are killed because of their faith. Over 200 million are persecuted. According to the 2008 report of Aid to the Church in Need (Kirche in Not) the Christian communities are the most repressed groups in the world. »

With Christ in Asia

Fr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Fr Andrzej Madej, OMI, a missionary in Turkmenistan.

Evangelisation in Asia is an important subject for the contemporary Church. So many people there do not know Christ. Today thanks to the electronic media one can make an accelerated evangelisation. »

The World Day of Peace

Kazimierz Szalata

True peace is born in people’s hearts. This fundamental truth shone in the life of the great humanist of the 20th century Raoul Follereau who during the cruel World War II took the initiative to establish the World Day of Peace – special time that would let each man realise that we were called to build creatively relationships between people. »


People defend crucifixes

The verdict of the Court of Human Rights in Strasburg (3 November 2009) concerning the removal of crucifixes from Italian state schools still evokes many emotions in the Apennine Peninsula. »

Hatred towards Christians

Piotr Chmielinski

Last year over 100 Christians were murdered in the state of Orissa in India. They were burnt alive; they were raped, killed with axes and stoned, too. Archbishop Raphael Cheenath, who visited Poland on the occasion of the First Day of Prayer with the Persecuted Church, spoke about those brutal murders. »

Africa in focus of the Church and the world

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Fr Giulio Albanese, an Italian Comboni missionary and journalist, about the Dark Continent.

The victory of Barack Hussein Obama in the race to the White House will be marked as rehabilitation of the Afro-American pride. This is a realisation of the dream that refer to the words (I have a dream…) of Martin Luther King »

Carrying peace and good throughout ages...

Fr Ignacy Kosmana, OFM Conv

The Franciscan friars celebrate the 800th anniversary of the order. In 1209 Pope Innocent III approved the First Rule that St Francis presented to the Holy See. In fact, the Holy Father approved the evangelical way of life that the brothers lived. »

The Pope before the Czech crust

Artur Stelmasiak

On 26 September 2009 Benedict XVI begins his visit to the Czech Republic, one of the most laicised countries in the world. Why is the nation that has a rich Christian tradition ‘offended’ at God? »

To what Czech Republic will the Pope come?

Piotr Chmielinski talks to Fr Stanislaw Tasiemski, a Dominican, who worked in the Czech Republic for several years.

She made the way from Italy to Jasna Gora by walking

Emma Morosini, 85-year-old Italian, walked 45 days to reach Jasna Gora. She started from Castiglioni Siviere (province of Mantova) and walked over 1,300 km. It was not the first time for Emma Morosini to make such efforts and it was not her first visit to Jasna Gora. »

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