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The 'Rogito' of John Paul II

In the light of Christ risen from the dead, on April 2 of the year of the Lord 2005, at 9:37 p.m., as Saturday was coming to an end, and we had already entered the day of the Lord, octave of Easter and Sunday of Divine Mercy, the beloved Shepherd of the Church, John Paul II, passed from this world to the Father. The whole Church, in prayer, accompanied him in his passing. »

The generation of John Paul II

Katarzyna Woynarowska

They were said to be the generation of individualists, to be passive, apathetic and consumerist. Although the sociological research showed that young people appreciated patriotic values, acknowledged the sanctity of life and regarded family happiness as their priority more than their parents did, sociologists explained that it might be true but it would disappear when ideals smashed against the reef of everyday life. »

Emotions in media giants

Paulina Drapala

While the television stations in Poland announced long before the funeral of the Holy Father that they had changed their scheduled programmes, most television screens on the other side of the Atlantic returned to the regular programmes on Monday, with reports from their correspondents in Rome and the Vatican in the news. »

He carried Christ to everyone

Fr Tadeusz Styczen is relating to us

He was with the Pope to the end. He watched over the dying John Paul II in his last days. He was with him in the very last seconds of his life. He was reading fragments of the Holy Scriptures; he recited the rosary for the Dead One. On Tuesday, 5 April 2005, Fr Styczen said in Lublin, 'The Pope smiled. He was getting cold with this expression of his face. Nobody dared to interfere. Everyone waited according to the procedure. »

Suffering in fulfilling Peter's mission

Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski

It may seem a paradox but when the Pope, stricken by his illness, does not stay in the Vatican but in hospital, his presence is in some way even much more felt among his closest collaborators. He is present in their thoughts and prayers, their spiritual unity with him and in the sense of responsibility for the task, which each of them has been entrusted with. »

Message for Lent 2005

Pope John Paul II

Each year, the Lenten Season is set before us as a good opportunity for the intensification of prayer and penance, opening hearts to the docile welcoming of the divine will. During Lent, a spiritual journey is outlined for us that prepares us to relive the Great Mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Christ. »

Pastoral letter of the Polish Bishops for the Papal Day on 10 October 2004: 'John Paul II - The Pilgrim of Peace'

The Papal Day in Poland will be celebrated for the fourth time now. It is a special moment when the entire nation is united in prayer and other cultural initiatives in order to support papal intentions and to reflect on the teaching of John Paul II. It is also a time of concern and solidarity, which is expressed by the initiative to fund scholarships for the poor and talented youth. »

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