A prayer for our homeland – the voice of Jasna Góra

As a reply to diocese bishops’ requests of 25 August 2011 about putting a new prayer initiative under the spiritual care of Pauline Fathers from Jasna Góra, another prayer meeting was held in Jasna Góra on 25 September 2011. The prayer initiative was taken by the faithful of the Catholic Church in Poland, within the so-called Rosary crusade for the Homeland. – Pauline Fathers lead in the work of Częstochowa Rosary Family which was acknowledged by John Paul II; the meeting was attended by members of the crusade and was combined with an organizational meeting at Pauline Fathers’. Within that meeting it was acknowledged and decided as follows:
1. The Rosary Crusade for the Homeland is a generous spiritual gift of the faithful who ‘with Our Lady, the Queen of Poland, pray for Poland so that it would be faithful to God, Cross and the Gospel, and they also pray for fulfilling Jasna Góra Vows of our nation.’. These people do it freely, committing themselves to contemplation everyday and saying at least one of the Rosary mysteries in these intentions, hoping that if at least 10 percent of the nation takes up this prayer, we will gain more spiritual power for proper carrying out matters of our homeland – Poland.
2. This prayer was publicly proclaimed for the first time in the middle of this June. A month later, on 14 July, the first ones, involved in this prayer both laymen and clergy met at Jasna Góra by Pauline Fathers’ consent. A participant of this meeting was, among the others, the Director of Jasna Góra Rosary Family. The meeting showed honest intentions of participants and their authentic care and spiritual commitment in the matters of the Homeland.
3. Secular people who were the first to have taken up this prayer and met with interest and engagement among growing number of people, expressed their deep and hopeful request to diocese bishops who referred to this initiative entrusting their spiritual care for the Work to Jasna Góra Rosary Family.
4. Written applications of joining the Rosary Crusade for the Homeland, both the individual and group ones can be sent to the address as before: Krucjata Rózancowa za Ojczyznę, Secretariat, skr.poczt.nr 6, 96 – 515 Teresin. The correspondence is collected by people entitled by Pauline Fathers. Data of the correspondence will be regularly given to Jasna Góra. The applications can also be sent directly to Jasna Góra, with a note: ‘Krucjata Różancowa za Ojczyznę’.
5. On 24 September this year there had already been 11 342 applicants for the Crusade. Pauline Fathers from Jasna Góra, considering the voice of bishops, deeply encourage everybody to join this great Rosary Prayer for the Homeland, and they support the participants of this Work with their prayers at the throne of the Queen of Poland in Jasna Góra.

Pauline Fathers
Jasna Góra, 25 September 2011


"Niedziela" 40/2011

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