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Healing of a few-year-old boy from a severe encephalitis was recognized as a beatification miracle of Mother Zofia Czeska. She asks God for graces in educational problems, supports pupils, saves crumbling married couples

The case of healing, chosen as a miracle in the beatification process of God’s servant Mother Zofia Czeska, concerns a few-year-old boy, who suddenly got ill with severe encephalitis. – His condition was so bad that parents and doctors lost hope for any improvement of the situation. Only a prayer remained. The family were desperately asking the sisters for a prayer, who not only devoted all their prayers to God for the boy in this intention, through the intercession of their founder, but they also devoted all their works, sufferings, Holy Masses and Holy Communions. Some of them even undertook a strict Fast – reports sister Renata Gąsior, the nun of the convent and the postulator of the process of Zofia Czeska.

Shortly, there was an unexpected turn in the health condition of the boy. On the second day since the sudden health improvement, he was moved from the ward of intensive therapy to the ordinary ward for rehabilitation purpose. The serious illness, which usually ends with death or a severe disability, did not leave any side-effect in the body of the boy. As if it had suddenly been removed.

The described case was chosen among a lot of graces received through the intercession of God’s servant Mother Zofia Czeska. Testimonies about graces through her intercession, which are sent to the postulator of the beatification process, relate to, among the others, physical and spiritual healing. – Mother Zofia helps mostly people in their educational problems. She is ‘good’ in saving crumbling married couples, in asking God for a gift for having children and often supports pupils in their school problems. She is still looking after children and their families, like she used to do it during her earthly life – says sister Renata Gąsior to the Catholic Informative Agency.

The process in the matter of still alleged miracles at that time, was carried out in 2003 in Cracow. On 20 December 2012, a decree of the Holy Father Benedict XVI was published, confirming its authenticity. The papal decision finished the works of the Congregation of Canonization Matters, which had lasted since 1997. Two years ago, a decree about heroism of the virtues of Zofia Czaska was signed. The process at the Vatican was preceded by the diocesan phase which had taken place in the years 1995 – 97 in Cracow.


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