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Serving God, the Church and our Homeland

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

85 years ago, on 4 April 1926, the first edition of ‘Niedziela’ was published. The weekly was initiated by Bishop Teodor Kubina of Czestochowa just after he had taken over the newly created Diocese of Czestochowa. »

Silenced Jewish testimonies

Jerzy Robert Nowak

One can give numerous reliable Jewish testimonies testifying about helpful behaviours of Poles towards Jews during the war. These testimonies, originated mainly during the war or in the first decades after the war, constitute contrasts to the invented recent anti-Polish generalisations – confabulations of Jan Tomasz Gross. »

‘The house of my saviours’

In the world there are over 20,000 people who have been awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medals. But who among them hid Jews closest to the German camps? »

Verdict on Poland

Jozef Szaniawski

The Russian state, then called Soviet Union, committed the crime of murdering thousands of defenceless Polish prisoners and the order to extinct the Polish elites was issued in the Kremlin in Moscow on 5 March 1940 by the most important Russian commanders. »

Nation where ‘so many angles were found’

Jerzy Robert Nowak

The especially outrageous practices used in Jan T. Gross’s books include complete omissions of numerous Jewish testimonies that showed very positive behaviours of Poles towards Jews during the war. »

He was demolishing the Bolshevik ‘paradise’

Fr Mariusz Traba

The region of Zaglebie Dabrowskie, i.e. the industrial district founded under the Russian partition at the border with the Prussian Silesia in the 19th century, was the little homeland of the future priest and bishop. »

Cornering Poland

Jerzy Robert Nowak

One should remember that the disgusting lies of ‘Golden Harvest’ by Jan Tomasz Gross and his wife Irena Grudzinska-Gross are nothing exceptional. The book is another excess of the anti-Polish campaign, which has increased in the world during the last decades, and the size of which cannot be seen yet. »

Sower of hatred towards the Church

Jerzy Robert Nowak

Recently Rev. Prof. Waldemar Chrostowski wrote very accurate words about the attitudes of some Jewish environments that hampered the real dialogue between Jews and Christians (‘Ateneum’, issue 1/2011, p. 40). »

Anti-Polish ‘Golden Harvest’

Jerzy Robert Nowak

Several months before being published the libellous book by Irena Grudzinska-Gross and Jan Tomasz Gross entitled ‘Golden Harvest’ has been promoted on a large scale by the influential Polish media (TVN, public television, e.g. in the programme of Tomasz Lis, the papers Wprost and Gazeta Wyborcza, Tygodnik Powszechny). »

Gross is lying again

Jerzy Robert Nowak

Long ago among the Polish patriotic circles Jan Tomasz Gross earned the deserved name of an untiring enemy of Poland and Poles, a swindler and cheat. »

You will live on forever in our hearts and memories

It seemed that he would never leave us since he had ever been with us… The late Marian Skubis – our father, grandfather, great-grandpa and great-great grandpa. »

It was a miracle

Mateusz Wyrwich

In December 1970, workers from several dozen factories protested against the next drastic rise in prices. They protested in the streets of several Polish cities, including Gdansk, Gdynia, Elblag and Szczecin. »

From Westerplatte to Kock

Jozef Szaniawski

Another anniversary of September 1939, which was tragic for us, makes us reflect from the perspective of the 21st century, from a completely different epoch. Then Poland, and only Poland, was attacked by two enemies. »

Go and win, save Christianity!

Jerzy Waclawski

In her history Poland saved Europe against the deadly threats twice: in 1683 from the Turkish invasion and in 1920 from the Bolshevik ideology. »

Struggle for remembrance continues

Alicja Dolowska

The attempt, stopped by the social resistance, to unveil the monument dedicated to the Russian soldiers, who died in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, in Ossow the day before the anniversary of the Polish victory over the Bolsheviks, shows that Poles do not expect such a sequence of commemorating the victims. »

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