On the ways of faith

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On the road of ministering...

Fr Zbigniew Suchy interviews Archbishop Jozef Michalik, Metropolitan of Przemysl, President of the Polish Episcopate Conference.

Archbishop Jozef Michalik, Doctor of Divinity, President of the Polish Episcopate Conference, Metropolitan of Przemysl, speaks about his bishop's ministry, comments on the 7th Congress of Polish Theologians. The interview with Archbishop Michalik is the first of a series of talks on problems presented by the readers of 'Niedziela'. »

The Father and I are one. (John 10:30)

Archbishop Jozef Michalik

Archbishop Jozef Michalik, D.D., President of the Polish Episcopal Conference, member of the Congregation for Bishops, Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. We publish his homily delivered on 2 May, 2004, during the service at the place of construction of the Temple of Holy Providence in Warsaw. »

The Conciliar Decree on the Means of Social Communication

Bishop Adam Lepa

Bishop Adam Lepa, D.D., lecturer on the pedagogy of mass media, member of the Commission for the Means of Social Communication in the Polish Bishops' Conference, member of the European Bishops' Committee of Means (CEEM), specialist in media, writes about the conciliar decree 'Inter Mirifica', promulgated in 1963. »

What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?

Francis Cardinal George, OMI
Archbishop of Chicago


Facing this Europe

Card. Stanislaw Nagy

Like Bishop Wielgus Cardinal presents the greatest threats Europe is facing today. He defines these threats and appeals to priests and laity to face secularized and liberal ideology in the name of faithfulness to the Gospel. »

Rescuing pagan Europe

A hundredfold crop from the blood he shed

Bishop Stanislaw Wielgus

The sermon was delivered at Vespers on the Feat of St. Adalbert. Bishop Wielgus showed the figure of St Adalbert and the influence of his life and attitude on the formation of Christian civilization. »

Nation as a cultural phenomenon theologically understood

Rev. Prof. dr hab. Czeslaw Stanislaw Bartnik

Text delivered during 7th Congress of Polish Theologians. »

Public dimension of Christian faith

Bishop Stanislaw Wielgus

In his homily Bishop Wielgus speaks about Catholic ethics and values the Gospel brings. He relates them to the contemporary world, which often destroys, mocks and removes them from social life. He analyses the reasons and presents the effects of such actions. He also shows how we can protect ourselves against these influences. »

With a suitcase?

Br Tadeusz Rucinski, F.S.C.

Brother Tadeusz speaks about love, the secret of being loved and the skill to love »

Experiences of an alcoholic's child

Ewa Krupniewska

On the basis of a concrete child Ewa Krupniewska, psychologist, shows the world of alcoholic parents' children. She presents this world aiming at focusing on personality changes, fears and emotions, which the parents' addiction evokes in their children. This knowledge is indispensable in order to minimize all negative effects of parents' alcoholism. »

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