On the ways of faith

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Repent, repent, repent!

Fr Aleksander Radecki

The fruit of penance can be a beautiful, calm life that is free from any addiction. And how can this be done? The simplest possible way is to begin with yourself, and to do it in a concrete way just now. »

Confession or psychotherapy

Milena Kindziuk

Today we see an increasing need to connect spirituality and psychology. But confession is something different from psychotherapy. »


Fr Jacek Molka

The ancient sages said, 'Nihil agendo homines male agree discunt', which can be translated 'Men by doing nothing learn to do ill.' Sloth leads man astray and sloth is a sin. »


Fr Antoni Tatara

Jan Izydor Sztaudynger (1904-70) wrote an aphorism, 'Where my lust reigns I, unfortunately, do not reign.' What has been said exhausts the subject. Lust wreaks havoc in the contemporary world. »

The way of the Cross through the city

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

During the Holy Week processions, the Ways of the Cross, wind through the streets and paths of Polish cities, towns and villages. One can observe a 'revival' of this service these days. »


Konrad Kluczniak

We often hear people saying 'I must have it', 'I must buy it' and we also say these words. It is greed that is usually behind this sinful desire. We continue our Lenten reflection on cardinal sins. »


Piotr Sosnecki

Envy is a mortal sin since it is the lack of love. We continue our Lenten reflection on cardinal sins. »


Jan Szymik

In Lent 'Niedziela' will help us make a specific examination of conscience of our daily lives. We continue the series of Lenten reflections on our cardinal sins. Now we are presenting another sin, which is wrath. »

Prayer, fasting, mercy

How can we fruitfully experience the Lenten fast? This is the question every Christian faces when receiving the ashes on his forehead. »

Intemperance in eating and drinking

Fr Antoni Tatara

In Lent 'Niedziela' will help us make a specific examination of conscience of our daily lives. The series of Lenten texts begins with a reflection on one of the cardinal sins, which is gluttony. This sin stands in a unique contrast to fasting. »

Christmas customs

Piotr Sosnecki

Christmas has its own unique character. However, nervous preparations cannot cover its family atmosphere in which we have followed various Christmas traditions for generations. »

How to create a new Bethlehem?

Milena Kindziuk talks to Rev. Prof. Jozef Naumowicz, the expert in early Christianity at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.

Shepherds and some wise men from the east were at the manger of the newly born Baby. Who were the people that welcomed the Son of God first and what was its meaning to the history of Christianity? »

The greatest is love

Artur Stelmasiak

The well-known actress Ewa Zietek said that although she knew many beautiful texts about love none could compare with the words of St Paul. Only he conveyed the truth about love. Theologians also support this view since no other text could present all attributes of love so precisely and completely. In Advent 'Niedziela' explains the meaning of theological virtues. This week we are explicating the third virtue: love. »

Advent is Christian daily life

Fr Piotr Kot

Advent is a special time to develop mature Christian faith. One cannot enjoy Christmas without a good experience of Advent. »

Hope dies last

Milena Kindziuk

Where are we to gain confidence and strength for living from? What does this confidence mean? On the second Sunday of Advent we present another article about the theological virtues, namely about hope. »

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