Catholic Church in the world

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Anna Cichobłaźińska talks with Danuta Iwankowicz from Tarnopol In Ukraine, related to ‘Niedziela’ for many years



Is there anyone able to bring a conflict between two EU countries? »



In the Church which brings you up, takes care of you and leads you, you will find trustful hope which will provide you with good, busy and joyful life
Paul VI to Poles, 1971 »

Let’s remember about Sudan

Fr. Antoni Tatara

‘There is no church of silence any more and I’m going to be the voice of those who haven’t got any right of speech’. »

Paradoxes of the meeting in Assisi

Cardinal Stanisław Nagy

On 27 October 2011, a significant meeting was held in Assisi which deserves a special attention for many reasons, especially the attention of a Polish Catholic. »

Europe according to John Paul II

Artur Stelmasiak

The economic and political crisis of the European Union reveals the weakness of fundaments on which the European Union is built. Today we have to refer to the European thought of Blessed John Paul II. »

The spirit of Assisi’ speaks

Fr. Jarosław Grabowski

The phenomenon described as ‘the spirit of Assisi’ was born 25 years ago. On 27 October 1986 John Paul II implemented his desire, inviting the representatives of main religions in the world and Christian beliefs to Assisi, in order to pray for peace in many languages. »

Let’s pray for peace in Egypt

During the general audience on 12 October Benedict XVI was praying for the intention of peace in Egypt where there are more often attacks on Christians recently. He assured about his closeness to the victims of violence on the religious ground. »

The Massacre of Copts

In connection with the bloody rioting which took place on 9 October this year, in the streets of Cairo, the representatives of the Coptic Church accused the Egyptian Security Forces of the death of dozens of people. »

Streams of Divine Mercy have flowed out

Małgorzata Cichoń

Here is a source which is flowing onto the whole world! – said Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, the host of the Second World Congress of Divine Mercy. There were 500 people, mostly volunteers, engaged in organizing this great event in Kraków-Łagiewniki »

Palestinian Autonomy is knocking at the door of the United Nations Organization for help

Fr. Marek Łuczak

Palestinian Autonomy is not a country in the traditional sense of this word. However, Palestinian nation living in Israel is glad about its tolerable independence on the territories which are separated from the Jewish with a wall to much extent. »

‘Where God is, there is the future’

Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubiś talks to Fr. Msgr Stanislaw Budyń – the rector of the Polish Mission in Germany

Fiesta of the young Church

Fr Marek Luczak

‘We have the best team in the world,’ said Bishop Xavier Novell Gomá, the youngest bishop in Spain, responsible for the organisation of the XXVI World Youth Day, ‘additionally, we have the best captain and coach. »

Mountain sanctuary dedicated to Blessed John Paul II

Wlodzimierz Redzioch

The small church in San Pietro della Ienca in the Mountains of Abruzzo, Italy, was named after Blessed John Paul II on 18 May 2011. Between the Mountains of Pizzo Cefalone and Cima delle Malecoste there is the peak of John Paul II. »

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