We live in the epoch in which an influential part of the Polish society is losing its privileged positions. The expression of their moods can be found in a recently published ‘Intelligence tool’ – an extra for the weekly ‘Politics’. These people show clear similarities to the old Bolshevik groups. Those people would not have made a step without ‘An agitator’s tool’, these ones – as one can see – would not either. So, who is this modern ‘intelligent man’? It turns out that he is a poor thing suffering from the lack of faith in the existence of truth and unchangeable things. This is a person suffering from bigger and bigger fear of his compatriots and saying that ‘today truth of facts pays off less and it has been domineered by truth of emotions’ (as one of the authors of this ‘Toolbox’ says).

Seriously speaking, today in Poland there are various groups of people who began to fear, are getting united and are looking for the common enemy. Today their emotions are close to hatred. Antoni Czechow, a man observing our contemporary times well, once wrote: ‘No friendship, no love, no respect unite as much as the common hatred for something’.

It is the same with personal enemies’ changes which the new Polish authorities are trying to make. Accidentally these are the same groups which do not like God and His unchangeable laws. In fact if somebody needed a palpable evidence for the existence of the Creator, he should look at the activity and sentences of people who personally declared a war to God and are fighting Him at every time.

It is not accidental that such people – with the passing time – are becoming more and more alienating, that they are avoiding their neighbours. One can look at Mrs. MEP Joanna Senyszyn to see what can result from denunciation of God and personal hostile to Him. Interestingly, how would Czechow comment on the attitude of Mrs. Natalia Przybysz who told the ‘Highheels’ (an extra to the Electoral Newspaper) about her journey to Slovakia where she had abortion done, and received the title of ‘Super-heroine’ of the ‘Highheels’ for this public act of confessing.

In the laudation to the honour of Mrs. Przybysz, among the others, such words were said: ‘This is not a reward for the abortion coming out. The Chapter grants me the title for courage of sincere act of confessing – at the times of post-truth, propaganda and oppression of women. Because she showed that there is a lot of experience which builds us as women – but one of the most important ones is the skill of saying no. She also broke the speech of hypocrisy. She let herself do something which a lot of women refuse themselves to do – for freedom’.

I will say it openly: the world of ‘Electoral Newspaper’ is completely unknown to me. I do not understand why people from this group are grumbling into the corner of gibberish. It was beginning completely innocently from their case. Adam Michnik used to meet with people in churches, even wrote a book entitled: ‘Church, leftist party, dialogue’. People from this group were pretending to participate in the main trend of values, emphasizing that they differed from the Catholics only with a more nuanced attitude to the reality.

Years have passed… and it is not the first time when it has turned out that one cannot be only an observer of faith, a man slightly submerged in this reality. When the evil finds a support point, it uses a principle which it once suggested to Carthage. It needs only a support point… and it finds it in the man. If he only catches you by a scrap of your ear, you can be sure that it will catch you wholly for itself.

The case of Natalia Przybysz shows that today one can do career very quickly and become popular – one can only spit at tradition and moral order. What is Mrs. Przybysz, and other ‘liberated’ people similar to her, going to face? Well, if they are still getting ‘liberated’ so, one day they may get liberated from the unbearable burden of life. Such ‘liberation’ leads to the feeling that life is becoming such an unbearable burden and is abundant with so many….

Certainly, we may not notice this world which has crawled out from the ‘Electoral Newspaper’. However, firstly – it is very selfish. For, when we see somebody – blindfolded – is going towards an abyss, we may not react as it is not our business. But is it all right? Secondly – indifference to poison the whole environment poisoned and in some time – if we want it or not – we and our children will also have to breathe it.

It is impossible to keep the truth only for oneself, or dig it in the ground and wait for better times. It happens that a lot of people feel that truth is becoming a curse for them and brings them a lot of problems. It sometimes causes a situation in which this unification in hatred of Czechow falls onto us. Indeed, truth does not let us sleep on it and hiding it does not solve anything. When a lie is awarded and praised, we are obliged to testify truth. If we decide that this postulate is too demanding, we will only have a convenient road leading to….the ‘Electoral Newspaper’ and its super-heroine – Natalia Przybysz.


„Niedziela” 16/2017

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