When on another, the sixth anniversary of the Smoleńsk tragedy, we were standing with our friends on Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw, as usually, one of the issue of our talks was the film ‘Smoleńsk’ by Antoni Krauze. One could feel more concerns. The image was about to come out onto screens, but it will not – as the premiere was canceled the last minute. There was a lot of social mobilization and hope for the prominent work – whereas there is information from mass media about a conflict between the film director and producer. No wonder that journalists are unwilling to commemorate the events of 10 April 2010, are informing about the failed project and are rubbing their hands with joy.

I warn – if they are disappointed. From outside everything looks bad, but I was honoured to see the preliminary version of the film thanks to its producers’ kindness. I saw the result of their works – for now without any special effects, with unfinished assembly or a few other elements to correct. Despite those reservations, I saw a really good movie. ‘Smoleńsk’ by Krauze is a film which will not only disappoint free Poles, but also viewers who will want to see it, despite the media anti-campaign.

Watching the story of a journalist departing from repeating empty lies towards asking questions bravely, we feel as if we had all those dramatic years flickering in our eyes. A few roles of actors and actresses are really great (the best one is Jerzy Zelnik starring as a devilish TV journalist), but in fact all of them keep a level. We can only have emotions and pride in our memory, that we stood on the side of the truth – here I mean editors and Readers of ‘Niedziela’.

It is only a pity that the creators, tired of a constant fight for funds, permissions for photos and taking roles by actors (although most of them who allegedly refused, were not even invited on the set), lacked patience in the final and some conflicts were made public. But, well, if it was to be an extra cost of creating this work, it was worth paying. A great film, work was made, which is also an important record of time in which it was being made.

There is something amazing in this steadfast determination of Poles, who, without any help of the country, or even against it, can commemorate great compatriots in such a way, can pay tribute to their heroes. Now there is time for another phase – monuments of Smoleńska victims announced by Jarosław Kaczyński and deceased president Lech Kaczyński. I believe that the final will also surprise mockers. And it was what I told my friends, when on 10 April we were standing on Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw.


„Niedziela” 17/2016

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