There is no week, and even a day recently, that new information connected with the Smoleńsk catastrophe would not appear. Do they bring us closer to the truth about the catastrophe – it is not known. Because two and a half years after those events instead of an answer, there are more and more doubts

In the civilizational country, no matter what the reason for the catastrophe was, the government could resign. It all would be about the fact that somebody impartial would judge the matter, because ‘we’ are emotionally engaged in it. It is also about our good name so that nobody would accuse us of deceiving, or inverting a cat tail up etc.

It is also known that every failure to comply duties might result in the catastrophe (maybe not mentioning a terrorist assassination, which governing people cannot influence). After the events of much less burden, some governing politicians resigned. Whereas there was a tragedy at Smoleńsk which does not have any equivalent! And nothing. The government is still lasting as it has used to so far. What’s more: the matter started being explained by those who may be responsible for this catastrophe.

The government should have resigned also when it appeared that the swap of bodies had happened, as well as mistakes and transporting of the body of the President among the places of burials, etc. However, nothing like that happened.

Not in their own graves

We have not forgotten yet about what relatives of Anna Walentynowicz, Teresa Walewska-Przyjałkowska, Ryszard Kaczorowski and Tadeusz Lutoborski had been experiencing in relation to the mistakes (before that Przemysław Gosiewski, Janusz Kurtyka and Zbigniew Wassermann had been exhumed) and now other exhumations are announced. This week (till 11 November) there were supposed to be exhumations of two deceased priests: Fr. Zdzisław Król, a chaplain of Warsaw Family of Katyń and Fr. Prof. Ryszard Rumianek, a rector of the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw. In the end of the last week it was clear unofficially because procurators do not express their opinions before actions.

– But we know it is surely all about Fr. Król and Fr. Rumianek. Because – with all respect to other priests – these are well-known and respected people and it was impossible to conceal that they had not been laid into their own graves- emphasizes an MP asking for maintaining his anonymity. Fr. Prof. Ryszard Rumianek was laid into a grave not on the graveyard in Warsaw Ursynów but in the Divine Providence Church in Wilanów. And Fr. Zdzisław Król was laid into his grave not in the Church but in Pyry. It is also unofficially known that this year other two exhumations were to take place. There is a justified suspicion again that the casualties bodies are not in their graves.

A townsman from the Federal Security Service

Information about these mistakes are inscribed in the whole sequence of events in relation to the catastrophe. Many strange things are happening, and mistaking the bodies, coffins is one of the saddest situation shocking everybody in the recent weeks. – These are unusual matters which result from what had been taking place since the first hours after the catastrophe: neglect of the government and the way of conducting the investigation by Polish procurators – says the MP Piotr Babinetz from the Parliamentarian Team for Investigation of the Catastrophe Causes of TU-154M. Before that we had dealt with various unclear, sometimes tragic events connected with the Smoleńsk catastrophe. But the suicidal death of the ensign Remigiusz Muś, one of the most important witnesses of the investigation, questioning registers of the so-called black box of the presidential airplane given by Russia, raises suspicions.

In the web, the photos of the Smoleńsk catastrophe casualties were revealed again. The photographs were placed by the same Gloger, as before, in September, ‘A townsman from Barnau’. The ‘old’ photos can also be found there, and it happens so despite declarations of the Russian authorities that they would help remove these photos from Internet. It cannot raise doubts about the intention of the Eastern neighbor and its services.

Epicenter of events

However, the publication of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ became the epicenter of events as well as its aftermaths which seem to stagger wider and wider circles. In opinion of MP Jacek Świat, a member of the Parliamentarian Team for the Investigation of Catastrophe Causes, a widower of Aleksandra Natalia-Świat – one of the Smoleńsk catastrophe casualties, in dementia of procurators, the most important fact is that it has been denied what had been said by the way, that over two and a half years nothing or little has been done. Only now investigations have been done on the presence of explosive materials. It is not known why (or just it is known!) the samples of the airplane, equipment, ground, the bodies of the casualties have not been taken.

There are more and more questions, and we are in the zero point after two and a half years. Worse than in the zero point, because some evidences, a possibility of gaining them have been lost forever. Not everything is lost but it is going to be much more difficult to explain what really happened at Smoleńsk.

Going to a graveyard on the All Saints’ Day, Jacek Świat was not sure if he was visiting a grave of his wife. – I have been sure so till now. I do not have doubts about the identification because the documentation which I was reading looked very credible. I was also ensured by the general procurator- Mr Seremet, that there was no mistake here. However, we are not sure whether the swap of the bodies did not take place and in the case of Anna Walentynowicz, where the identification did not raise doubts either…


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