Interview conducted by Witold Dudziński

Interview with the MP Andrzej Duda from the Parliamentary Team for Investigation of the Causes of the Catastrophe of TU-154M

– The strong thesis of the publication of the ‘Rzeczpospolita’, the words of Jarosław Kaczyński, Donald Tusk and ironic statements that if not fog, then TNT. Did the publication bring us closer to the explanation of the truth about the catastrophe in Smoleńsk?

– It did. For example because the public opinion found out that for over two years no pyrotechnic expertise of the wreckage had been carried out. Procurators had to admit that the investigations had been carried out quite recently. It is worth asking the question: so, on what basis Miller’s commission gave it report? Basing only on the Russian documents? It shows that as much as the report is worthy, if we see how the Russians are behaving, then their documentation is worthy in the same way. It also shows the actions of the government, and suggests that it is all about not uncovering the causes of the tragedy. A famous journalist publishes a strong thesis that TNT and nitroglycerin were uncovered. In his first words a procurator says that explosive materials were not found, but he suggests that the debris were found which compose them. It is obstructing people in their thinking. There is the same statement that the casualties were not swapped but that coffins were deposited in improper graves. It is manipulation. When a procurator was asked if there had been TNT of nitroglycerin in the wreckage, he stated that he did not say there had not been, but it had not been stated generally.

– There appeared an opinion that the publication had been a result of the provocation.

– I do not know it, but credibility of what the daily journal wrote, increase the results of the physic and chemical investigations of clothes of Mrs.Ewa Bąkiewicz, one of the catastrophe casualties. The investigations were commissioned to be done by the casualty’s cousin from USA, and the traces of TNT were found in it. We found out that the samples about which ‘Rzeczpospolita’ wrote, are in Moscow and they are to be investigated there in half a year. If the investigations are carried out in Moscow, I will not believe in their results, because nothing what will come from Moscow – as we were convinced what documents come from there – cannot be believed. For two and a half years since the catastrophe, starting with the behaviour of Donald Tusk, who gave the investigation into the hands of the Russians, without any contract, we have been dealing with a lot of curious situations. There was hypocrisy of the public opinion, talking about a great cooperation with the Russians while there were not any Polish doctors at the sections of the bodies at all, whereas the Russians were sabotaging the actions of Polish procurators, made actions in Moscow difficult. The worst of all is lack of interest in transporting the airplane wreckage to Poland, no reaction to the fact that the Russians do not give back either this debris to us or the black boxes. The mysterious death of the ensign Remiguisz Muś – policemen who appeared in the place of the death, stated at once that it had been a suicide! – completes this picture.

– Should we expect a turning point in explaining the circumstances of the catastrophe?

– With today’s technical possibilities new evidences in this matter will be slowly revealed, which are unavoidable. But if the matter is to be explained, it is surely necessary to push away the group of Donald Tusk from the authority. And then it will be possible to ask international institutions to pressure the Russians to give back the wreckage which is a basic evidence and which had been destroyed and cleaned despite any standards of proceeding in these matters. The government of Tusk is not doing anything to regain the wreckage. Whereas the Russians will surrender under this pressure.


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