Jan Maria Jackowski

The president of the Polish Episcopal Conference archbishop Józef Michalik wrote in the apostolic letter in the beginning of the Lent: ‘We see how the attack on the Church is planned by libertarian, atheistic and freemason’s environments today. Liberal television stations and newspapers are attacking the Church as well. Even governmental institutions, allegedly promoting pluralism of media, have discriminated the Catholic television recently – which fortunately – awakens the consciousness of the society’.

The letter from the Metropolitan of Przemyśl in which he calls the faithful to penance and new evangelisation, caused an opposition of the so-called progressive environments, which are worried about a ‘suitable shape’ of the Church. Hit the table and the shears will call you. After all the government of Donald Tusk breaches concordat bases of relations between the Church and the State and wants to impose the liquidation of the Fund of the Church without consulting the Church party. The Prime Minister once showed how he can insult and disrespect the faithful people, treating them like the citizens of the worse category, using the disrespectful phrase about ‘mohair berets’.

Donald Tusk tolerated anti-catholic pranks of Janusz Palikot when the latter one had still been in the Civic Platform. At present he uses his political group for distracting the attention from the incompetence of his government and introducing in vitro method and partner relations in Poland. Stefan Niesiołowski, the parliamentarian of the Civic Platform, is famous for rough and rude attacks on bishops and priests. Originating from the group of the authority members of the National Broadcasting Council questioned the fundaments of democracy by controlling the right of access to information. During the conspiracy proceeding carried out according to the arbitrarily and accordingly used criteria, they limited the possibility of using the Television ‘Trwam’ by millions of people, which has signs of discrimination of believers. So it is seen with a bare eye that libertarian, atheistic and freemason’s environments have strengthened their actions very clearly. It is enough to read some newspapers. A dialectical sophism returns like hiccup that faith it ‘a private matter’ and ‘the Church should be closed down in a porch’. Enlightenment superstitions developed in the times of communism through the agglomeration of notions about ‘interference of the Church into politics’ enlivened and created ‘a camp of progress and democracy’ in the leadership of the historical mission of liberating Poland from the trenches clericalism.

Anti-Catholic tendencies are present in the structures of EU. In 1923 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in his book ‘Mr Europe’ formulated a vision of Europe – federated United States of Europe – as a form beyond the state, being the beginning of the worldly country. He stated that the consciousness of the Europeans should be remodelled. He suggested the notion of ‘the European loyalty’ and ‘the European nation’. He wrote: ‘Every well-mannered man must work on the situation when the nationality, like religion, would become a private matter of every person’. In the freemason’s universalism sold in the cover of liberalism we can notice the presence of aggressive secularity and anti-catholic attitude. Ideologists of this trend in the Catholic Church see big dangers on the way of realisation of their intentions. And they do not even hide with it.


"Niedziela" 11/2012

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