The power of the rightists

Marcin Masny

The anniversary of 13 December cannot conceal the current changes which are incomparably more important than the martial law 30 years ago.

The anniversary of the martial law tells us to think whether the brutal dispersal of the March of Independence by the civic police last month, was not an overture to the forced solutions of the crisis from 30 years ago, in the light of economic breakdown, in the Polish scale. Here is a significant sequence of events. On 17 July 2010 hundreds of young nationalists stopped on the Warsaw Square of Victory, with an enormous red and white flag. They wanted me to tell them a few words. A crowd of journalists intrigued by the exoticism of the event put some microphones near me. On the following day I answered some phone calls and I was listening to voices of the worried, that something is being born, apart from the system control. Four months later the media nearly did not notice several thousands people in the March of Independence organized by the same all-Polish Youth. Here another year is passing and the regime media, like TVP in 1981 generally ignore the greatest patriotic march with a big flag which is beyond- political parties, and they show only provocateurs causing brawls apart from the column of the march. I hope that the panic among rulers has diminished since 11 November but I feel obliged to remind that Mr Tusk and Mr Komorowski can legally introduce the martial law in the whole country under the pretence of faked hacker attack on the government. I know that - similarly as in the year 1981 - a part of Poles will welcome him with pleasure if he is preceded by burdening worries and murmurs of the big brother - the German one, this time. On 13 December 1981, a mate came to me in the morning and, without beating around the bush, he was persuading me to the partisan fight. I promised that I would always hide him away from the militia but I was not going to a forest. Partisan war is not needed. While, for the time being, it is too late to face an extremely threatening and collapsing system in a peaceful way, because the system, contrary to the propaganda among some opposition - is not any German-Russian condominium. The Russians are weaker in our part of Europe in a strategic sense nowadays than they have ever been since 1945, although they have maintained significant assets. The Russians, the Chinese, the Hindus....They have money. They want to take over the world economy in a cheap way but they do not have imperial aspirations. They know their possibilities. Russia has been defending itself for twenty years against annihilation rather than trying to attack. A Polish problem is bankrupting Germany which like a cat being pushed against a wall is defending itself against the bankrupting American Empire. The situation in Europe is nearly as explosive as in 1914 and 1939. And like at that time - nobody, even David Rockefeller cannot foresee the further fate of the world. The future is open. Totalitarian, nihilistic 'new world order' concocted in XVIII century by secret associations is not any implacable necessity, because - despite the appearances - there is no military force which would be able to impose it and nobody agrees voluntarily on this solution. The revival of the Polish spirit is a matter not only of Poland. Poland is a part of the world. The history of the world has just collapsed. Maybe the forces of the revolution will still be fighting about a 'new wonderful world' without the truth, without God or fatherhood. However, the change of the trend is finally possible. Decimated defenders of order and peace maintain in trenches, where they are shot by hordes of rich and armed rebels. Won't the triumphing armies, which throughout generations murdered millions of people, sending millions souls to the hell, meet with one another and won't they annihilate one another? Are defence, murmuring and postponed actions the best attitude in the time of the crisis?


"Niedziela" 50/2011

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