A new book by archbishop Wielgus

‘Christianity obligates’

Łukasz Kramek, Michał Kramek

A book entitled ‘Christianity obliges’ was published which contains homilies and speeches delivered by archbishop Stanislaw Wilegus during various parish celebrations in Lublin diocese. These statements clearly show that archbishop Wielgus is a priest who is courageous in proclaiming the truth and responsible for the word, who loves the Church and Homeland and does not avoid difficult issues and also expresses his opinion on the issues of the contemporary Polish and wide-world reality. He is an outstanding preacher who teaches with great power, ideally fulfilling recommendations of St. Paul: ‘Preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, exhibiting an error, exhort and lift the spirits of all patience in teaching’ (2 Tm 4, 2). Archbishop Wielgus reminds: ‘Europe which used to be the centre of Christianity becomes increasingly distant from God, some societies of Western countries go away from God completely. If Christianity goes away from Europe, the Europeans will lose their chance for salvation’. And he adds: ‘Our civilization will exist as long as people will respect values coming from the Cross. Only this man who bows to the Cross will not bow to the other pagan gods or any ideologies or any political parties (…)’
The introduction of Fr. Prof. Tadeusz Guza, an outstanding expert of philosophy, fits well with the presented homilies. He called the archbishop an Apostle from the Land of John who ‘bends over central issues of Poland, Europe and the world like God and Blessed Mother, the Church and the man, marriage and family, nation and human family, country and international community. He also reminds us of fundaments of human life, that is, Decalogue and ‘more important than everything love’, ‘active faith as a rock’ and ‘ timelessness of holiness as friendship with God’. ‘The most important university for a child – we read – are mother’s lap and father’s hugs’ creating with the Church and the school a ‘golden triangle’ of cooperation in the process of Christian education of children and the youth’.
The book is for everybody, no matter regardless of education, origin and interests, it is a specific message addresses to each of us.
Orders can be submitted at the telephone number: 882-238-116 or the address: chrzescijanstwozobowiazuje@wp.pl.


"Niedziela" 41/2011

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