It is said that a lie will spread all over the world, before the truth will have been able to out on its shoes. Recently, it has been much easier to reach the public opinion with the truth, than it was half a year ago. And at that time a popular book of the White Raven about ‘blurring Poland’ came out. How many protests there were in relation to the diagnosis presented to us about the state of Poland after the previous government. Now it is publicly said about ‘blurring’ various spheres of functioning of the country, when seeing tragic effects of soft de-nationalization of our Homeland, which led to subordination of Poland to foreign centres of authority and also making media dependent on foreign press consortiums.

Our presenting the truth about sad reality left behind by prominent politicians is supported by the Cracovian publishing house of the Sosnowscy, which created a strong opinion-making group. It is more frequent that we hear about ‘re-polonization of Poland’. This statement is the title of an important book recently published in the White Raven publishing house, which shows how Poles managed to bring back Poland – beginning from its history and culture to economy, banks and newspapers. Prominent authors publishing this book emphasize that re-polonization must practically comprise all spheres of functioning of the country and society. Prof. Andrzej Nowak adds that, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate historical lies and mistakes and write one’s own history, not allowing others to write it. It is necessary to present a real place of Poland among other countries and be aware that we come from Homeland of great people.

So, we must rebuild the greatness of our Homeland anew, our pride of its heroic history and our pride of being Poles. In fact everything requires renewal. And the White Raven publishing house gives us an example of Kazimierz I the Restorer, celebrating his 1000th birthday anniversary. According to Prof. Krzysztof Ożóg he was one of the greatest Poles, known in Europe as a ruler who devoted his life to save the ruined Homeland. He can be the example for the contemporary patriots, who want to help Poland and strengthen it. On 22 October this year one, during a gala in the Opera in Cracow could hear a lot about this historic person from a thousand years ago, while the White Raven publishing house was giving Antoni Macierewisz the Award named Kazimierz the Restorer ‘Patriot of 2016’. The National Defence Minister was awarded with a statuette of the eagle from the times of the Warsaw Principality, as the founder and owner of the White Raven publishing house Leszek Sosnowski explained – it was the time when there were attempts of renewing Poland.

In laudation to the honour of minister Macierewicz, it was noted that he was the man who ‘was brave to be wise’ and it was very early. For, already in 1965, as a secondary school student, during a school assembly, he refused to condemn a letter of Polish bishops to German bishops. Whereas, now he does not hesitate to fight for the truth about Smoleńsk, which is getting nationalized after the loss of prominent Poles in the catastrophe on 10 April 2010. Speaking during the gala in Cracow, minister Macierewicz expressed his belief that we have the right to think about Poland as a great nation and country, which are facing a great mission. He asked Poles not to allow for destroying their dreams about great, Catholic, just Poland. He emphasized that ‘patriotism, patriot are one of the greatest words in Polish language, and even in the human language’. And in Poland nearly everywhere one can see a good change. For example, if students arrive in the Opera in Cracow to listen to the historic and patriotic lecture by prof. Nowak, it is the sign that the generation of new people is arriving.


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