Recently, maybe in relation to holidays, media somehow make us indifferent to the issues of refugees. However, a new wave of immigrants is arriving. An investigation journalist Witold Gadowski, who has recently returned from the south of Italy, shares his views, among the others, from a shipyard in Calabra. He was there at the gate of a refugee centre which is overfilled. It is not a destination. After completing formalities, gates of these centres are opened, and immigrants set off into a further way. Germany is already scaring EU countries which do not want to let in refugees, that as a result of breaching the EU law with this behavior, milliards of grants will be reduced, and it particularly concerns Poland and Hungary. We can feel it in autumn, when budget is determined. One can also see that politically correct Europe is able to do various absurd things. For example, recently, it lays responsibility on a citizen of Germany for insulting a terrorist. It concerns the issue of the assassin of the terror act in Munich in July. It turns out that the man who managed to stop the assassin for a moment, before the assassination, is going to have a court case for…. insulting the terrorist. Whereas, he was simply distracting the murderer’s attention from the attack target which might have reduced the tragic effects of his crime. Would the assassin, according to the German justice administration, who killed 9 people and injured a dozen people, be inviolable….

We all know that the current serious immigration problem was caused by the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, who began inviting foreigners within the Policy of ‘opened door’, in order to provide her country with hand for work. And when too many of them arrived there, she made a decision about sending them to other countries. And it is to be a compulsory allocation and who does not want to let in immigrants, is thought to be insensitive in humanitarian activity, and even Christian mercy. Whereas help to refugees cannot mean letting them in without any conditions, that is, with terrorists who are smuggled with them. It is obvious that potential refugees must receive help, first of all, on the spot, so that they would not have to escape. The helpless situation is, for example, in Syria, where for over 5 years there has been a civil war and some places, like the Aleppo city, are cut off from the world. So, people with their whole families are escaping from death. However, we will not help the Syrians if, for example, we bring them to Europe, as they are needed in Germany. We will help them when medical humanitarian help are organized on the spot. So, it is high time we changed the way of thinking among political elites and the strategy of action. Europe is not able to tolerate the abuse brought by terrorism and dangerous, unknown phenomena begin to appear, like the Spanish strategy, announcing shooting at boats trespassing their territorial waters. There are also warnings, that every act of aggression from Islamist groups will meet with the revenge of local radical groups. These are signals proving that there appears radicalization of social moods.

But the main problem is that together with people escaping from death from the areas overwhelmed by the war and from persecutions from fanatic Muslims, also terrorists are arriving from the so-called Islamic State, and who are being already revealed. So, political elites must begin to work immediately. Political commentators say that it is necessary to work quickly and address definite help to the places of military fights and persecutions, so that people would not have to leave their homes and escape, and it is necessary to cut off the supply of arms and money to parties causing conflicts, and also ruthlessly exterminate extreme organizations raising terrorism.


„Niedziela” 34/2016

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