During the Holy Mass in Brzegi, connected with sending young people to the world, as witnesses of faith, pope Francis and all priests were wearing chasubles, designed by Maciek Cieśla, one of the main graphics for the World Youth Days. The artist died on 2 July this year, as a result of his cancer illness which appeared suddenly and quickly caused his death. It was that young man, who did not live till the meeting in Cracow and about whom we heard from the window at Franciszkańska 3 street in Cracow on the first day of the papal pilgrimage. In May 2016 Maciek wrote on Facebook: ‘I have had a dream about one thing for 150 days…I would simply like to live…’. And, although he passed away, he was not only with us in the papal window and in prayers, but also in animations and graphical signs of the World Youth Days. He decorated Cracow beautifully for arrival of the Pope, and on days of our celebrations, he was a kind of a bridge between the Heaven and the earth.

What was significant was the surprise of, among the others, the French by Polish religiousness. They were surprised to express their faith here freely and joyfully, ‘without any fear of being treated as the mentally ill or a danger for others’ – said archbishop Georges Pontier. This is absurd resulting from the defence of ‘secularism’ of the country by force. Whereas Poland – as our journalist of online ‘Niedziela’ said – is the world spiritual powerful country and a religious potentate. Thanks to John Paul II Catholicism is ‘the most recognizable make of Poland in the world’. Facing challenges and dangers by Europe pope Francis gave a message of hope and courage from Poland. Hope concerns the future of our continent. The message of courage is a call to uncover what is the fundament of common Europe, that is, digging up Christian roots, recently so brutally cut down by Brussels officials. One can hear opinions that this is the end of Europe, that Europe does not exist any longer. Murders and wars are approaching our borders. Maybe this is the time of a great trial for Poland - for in our country faith has survived which has been recently seen by the world. Jesus announced exaltation of Poland but only when it fulfills one condition. Here are the words from the ‘Diary’ of St. Faustine Kowalska: ‘I particularly love Poland, and if it is obedient to my will, I will exalt it in power and holiness. A sparkle will come out of it, which will prepare the world for my final arrival’ (The Acts of the Apostles, no. 1732).

Journalists were keeping a finger on the pulse of pilgrimage events. There were over 5.7 thousand of them, also from the most important world agencies and TV stations. This is a record! So, eyes and ears of the world were directed to Poland. Archbishop Wacław Depo was ideally inscribed in journalistic news, who added in the Appeal Prayer at Jasna Góra that according to a prestigious scientific magazine ‘National Geographic’ the most influential woman in the world is Mother of Jesus. It turns out that ‘Mary is an ideal for women as much as Jesus is an ideal man’. The Holy Father who visited the Polish land from Mary at Jasna Góra to Merciful Jesus in Kraków-Łagiewniki uncovered these examples for all of us anew. And the young, who are making God’s noise, in the name of Jesus and Mary, with the sparkle from the Cracow centre of Divine Mercy set off to the four sides of the world to share their faith with others! And we all remember about pope Francis who is still asking us to pray for him.


„Niedziela” 32/2016

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