A baby was dying for over an hour in torments after ineffective abortion. No attempt was made to save the life of the 6-month-old early born baby. It was happening in a Specialist Hospital named the Holy Family in Warsaw, who employees anonymously informed the SOS Foundation of Conceived Life Protection about this terrible fact. – We will not forget this cry for the whole life – they said. Not long time ago did this hospital stand up for every child, also the ill and disabled one. After all, we remember when two years ago its director at that time – prof. Bogdan Chazan was dismissed because he did not want to carry out abortion. The information given on the portal suggest that the baby dying on 7 March in the Warsaw hospital, might have even undergone abortion twice. The baby’s mother came to hospital on 4 March. The first attempt of killing the baby was to be made with taking an early-abortive pill. The baby survived. So it was decided to use ordinary abortion, that is, mechanical killing the baby and removing it from the woman’s body. And when this baby survived also this attempt, it was left without any help and was dying for an hour on a hospital ……… The hospital staff did not take any actions in order to save the crying baby, wanting to live, nor try to decrease its pain. They were passively waiting till the baby died.

As Fr. Ryszard Halwa, a pallotine, from the SOS Foundation of Conceived Life Protection informed ‘Niedziela’, he had submitted a conviction to procurators in relation to the doctors of the hospital, who ‘sentenced this alive baby to death in torments, after an unsuccessful abortion attempt’. In a letter to the District Procurators in Warszawa-Mokotów we read: ‘If in the light of investigation of medical documentation and hearing to witnesses of the event it would turn out that a forbidden act was committed, culprits of this bestial act should undergo a just punishment. Whereas, if it turns out that the Polish legal order tolerates such situations, it will be a sign of awaiting for intervention of a law-maker of this matter. It should also be emphasized that nobody represents the interests of this baby who died in particularly cruel and shocking circumstances. If the feeling of just laws is to be returned in Poland, interests of such defenceless human beings should be represented by procurators.

In his comment on the baby’s death in the Warsaw hospital, mec. Bartosz Lewandowski said in Salve TV: - What is the worst is the fact that in the light of the Polish law there were premises for conducting abortion, although in the light of jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, that baby was a human being. He noted legal provisions leading to paradoxical situations: in one of the hospital room, in the eyes of the medical personnel, an early-born baby dies in torments and maybe in another room there is a fight for life of another new-born baby, with using an incubator and procedures saving life. In the opinion of prof. Chazan, it is necessary to create a situation in which there will not be any abortions in hospitals or killing a human being, or breaking doctors and nurses’ consciences. After all he lost his job himself, after referring to the clause of conscience. Fr. Halwa demands on taking away the name of the Holy Family from the Warsaw hospital. Surely, the prayer march to Heaven is necessary in the intention of the act concerning conceived babies.


„Niedziela” 12/2016

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