Profanation of our national hymn has finally ended, which has recently been broadcast on the Polish Radio at full hours interchangeably with the hymn of the European Union, within the protest action, introduced by Kamil Dąbrowa, the previous director of the Radio Programme One. It was the sign of protest to the novelization of the act about television and radio broadcasting. Broadcasting the hymn, he wanted to defend his radio post. However, he did not succeed, as under the decision of Barbara Stanisławczyk, a new chairwoman of the Polish Radio, Kamil Dąbrowa was dismissed. The chief of the Polish Television was also changed. The new chairman Jacek Kurski says clearly at the very beginning that TVP must realize its mission for 24 hours. And as it has used to be so far, in this allegedly public media….there was political craziness: the selection of content was conditioned by silly tastes of commercials makers and expectations or pressures of politicians. Initiated changes in media are necessary, because this is the issue of awareness. They must begin to think in the Polish way. And it was impossible as in 90 per cent they were in the hands of a foreign, mainly German, capital and used totalitarian informative violence. So, it is necessary to re-polonize media, remove functionaries of communist Poland from them and resort children, and, in fact, whole dynasties serving to politicians who lost the last election.

Breakthrough in media is one of signs of democratic changes in Poland, causing outrage of groups being strangers for the Polish raison d’etat, whose political and financial interests have became endangered. It mainly concerns banking and commercial lobby. After all, it is difficult to consent to the loss of the previous privileges or profits. So, European institutions and foreign media let them attack Poland. The prime minister Beata Szydło admits that she is not surprised. We simply have a repetition of the actions towards Hungary from a few years ago. It is seen that Europe got into panic because Poland stands out as the future sovereign country. The policy of holding the jacket of Angela Merkel and being on alert at every beck of finger in Berlin has been finished -says Joachim Brudziński, a vice-marshal of the Seym.

In relation to the attack on Poland, bishop of Włocławek Wiesław Mering expressed his opinion. He sent a protest letter to the chairman of the European Parliament Martin Schultz, who had called the repair of the Polish country a coup. The reaction was necessary if somebody says wrong things about Homeland, says bishop Mering. The culminating point was the opinion expressed by Martin Schultz who compared the policy of the Polish government to the actions undertaken by the president of Russia Władimir Putin. Also the justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro responded perfectly to the absurd actions of German European officials, addressing his open letter to the commissioner of the European Union Gunther Oettinger, who had demanded comprising Poland with the supervision of the European Commission. Minister Ziobro admitted that it proves the hypocrisy and arrogance, which change into aggressive behavior of others. ‘Many Poles have bad associations with the words of the German politician – says Zbigniew Ziobro. He also referred to the scandalous lack of reaction to censoring information by German media, about sexual attacks on women on the New Year’s Eve. The right comment on these facts can be a banner shown in Berlin by our supporters during the volleyball match Poland-Germany: ‘Defend your women, not our democracy’.

In reaction to the strong statements of German politicians about the Polish government the chief of the Polish diplomacy Witold Waszczykowski invited the ambassador of Germany, Rolf Nikel for a talk.


„Niedziela” 3/2016

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