There is a deep meaning in the saying: ‘Who saves one man, saves the whole world’. The further part might be as follows: ‘Who kills one man, kills the whole world’. Here we touch the category of the supreme values – it is all about human life here, which is endangered in Poland at present because it is becoming the object of a wild business. The Polish parliament passed a project of a criminal act, probably written under dictation of in vitro clinics. The act, full of mistakes and contradictory with the constitution, was accepted by the Seym and the Senate of the Polish Republic. It turns out that even in issues of the supreme significance, strong parties and businesses’ interests decide and win. Polish bishops do not give up in a fight for a man, especially the littlest and the weakest one. A letter of the chairperson of the Polish Episcopal Conference archbishop Stanisław Gądecki to president Bronisław Komorowski has just been read publicly, and includes a definite opposition to globalization of excluding the defenseless. The chairperson of the Polish Episcopal Conference stands up in defence of the unborn children, which the in vitro procedure is trying to omit and objectify completely. ‘They are deprived of the right to be born and have a decent life. In this way they are treated not as human beings, but as objects, which can be freely possessed’ – writes archbishop Gądecki and asks the president not to sign the act about in vitro.

Another graveyard of XXI century which is a very bad century, as there are abortion centres. Recently we have witnessed a scandal of the biggest American abortion organization Planned Parenthood. On internet there is a shocking film made via a hidden camera, proving that there is trade of organs of unborn children. A gynecologist of the film even gives a pricelist for heart, lungs or kidneys of the little human being. The contemporary death industry is already reaching the terrible size. In Poland a book has been published which registered who earns how much in various ‘sectors’, among the others, for in vitro, abortion, euthanasia or eugenics. This is a tragic sign of our times.

In the current issue of ‘Sunday’ we also show a picture from a different world, the one which is for life. A known actress Ewa Błaszczyk, who does not agree to euthanasia, has been maintaining life of her daughter Ola for 15 years, who has been in coma. Everything happened suddenly, in 2000. The girl, swallowing a tablet, choked and drenched her lungs. Through hypoxia, she has been suffering from brain trauma and fell into coma. Soon after the tragedy, the actress and Fr. Wojciech Drozdowicz, founded a foundation ‘And whom?’, which helps children in coma. The purpose of the foundation is building the first clinic in Poland helping children in coma. And it was a successful step.

For this reason the clinic is dedicated to the Holy Father John Paul II. – We opt for life, not death, in order to show that we are against euthanasia. It seems to me that we live in the epoch of a danger in which people who are ill, weak and old are useless. I do not want to live in such a world! – said Ewa Błaszczyk to ‘Sunday’. The clinic has existed for two years. It has been possible to bring 18 children out of coma so far. Ola is still in coma, but her mum looks after her and fights for her till she gets out of coma or longer…


„Niedziela” 30/2015

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