LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ , The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

In Cracow in the place of martyr death of St. Stanisław BM, a patron of moral order as great preacher as Fr. Piotr Skarga, expressing much concern about the future of our Homeland. On electoral Sunday 10 May 2015, during the Holy Mass with participation of the Polish Episcopate, archbishop Józef Michalik said: ‘If Poland wants to survive, it must be converted. Today Poland is ill, because being silent to evil, it has lost willingness to live. Today we are dying as the nation. We are realizing – whether we want it or not – anticipations of the Roman Club which calculated long time ago that soon we would be reduced to 13 million inhabitants’. In our Homeland it is easy to enact dangerous acts contradictory with logics and mainly attacking the family. ‘Rights for upbringing through sexualisation of children are being grabbed, starting with the nursery because these are indications of laic international organizations. Gender ideologists are promoting and imposing mottos with impudence, aimed against laws of nature, and are promoting single-sex ‘marriages’, although the Polish constitution clearly protects marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. There are clear attempts of harassing and suing bishops and priests to the court, who, against ideas of libertinism ideologies dare to defend good morality and warn others against moral relativism. Nobody cares about unemployment and liquidation of Polish shipyards, mines and sugar plants, we consider emigration of young educated people, which is a suicide for the nation, as a success of freedom’ – we heard on Skałka in Cracow.

Archbishop Michalik noted that ‘in every times we need voices bravely awakening consciences because in the effort of repairing Polish Republic, we will not be replaced by anybody – neither America, nor Russia, nor any other ideology of laissez-faire or gender ideology’. He reminded about the words of marshal Józef Piłsudski from the year 1926: ‘The main reason of the current state of things in Poland – that is, poverty, inner and outer weaknesses – were thefts still remaining unpunished. Above everything in Poland there was the interest of an individual and a political party, there was impunity for all abuses and crimes. In the reborn country there was not a rebirth of the spirit of the nation. (…) In Poland people’s wickedness has spread’. Unfortunately, the situation is similar today. We must fight for Poland, because it is dying.

Words of not only acrimony but also words of hope were heard from the Altar of Three Millenniums on Skałka in Cracow. We heard about power of religiousness towards Mary, although it is mocked at by proud people’, is a suitable road to the future. Among big powers of the Church in Poland, archbishop Michalik mentioned bishops’ unity, who are trying to form consciences properly all the time. He emphasized the fact that the nation is awakening slowly but systematically and the social awareness is growing. As an example, he pointed to pro-life activists, collecting hundred thousand signatures against abortion.

We thank archbishop Michalik, being sued to the court many times recently, for passing over the truth awakening consciences and for words allowing us to perceive dangerous nonsense. He must have fallen a victim to people who do not want to hear the truth. And he helped us realize the fact that faithfulness to moral laws saves the nation. And we should keep to this indication.

On 24 May this year, when there is going to be the second phase of presidential elections, our duty is to vote in order to ‘put out’ this political option, which ‘puts out’ the cross, Christian values and Polishness. Real Poles already know for whom to vote!


„Niedziela” 20/2015

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