LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ, The Editor-in Chief of ‘Niedziela’

Today, in our eyes, historical changes are taking place. It turned out again that the solidarity mobilization of the nation can change the course of history with great prayer. Adam Mickiewicz wrote: ‘Our nation is like a lava/ Hard and cold outside, dry and filthy/ But will not be chilling for the inner fire of hundred years/ Let’s spit at this shell, and let’s descend to the depth…’. This is from the third part of ‘Forefathers’. Inside, under this thick and hard shell, our poet saw fervent polish patriots who did not agree with the dramatic situation of the country and fought for a success for Homeland. These are courageous people who love Poland and are prepared to serve the nation. But where can one find such people today? A few months ago a journalist for ‘Niedziela’ took us to the contemporary Polish school of patriotism, established for cooperation with president of the Polish Republic Lech Kaczyński, who developed the ethos of service for Poland around himself and was perceived as a patriot and a hero. In the office of president Lech Kaczyński Andrzej Duda worked as an expert of law. His main tasks comprised controlling acts according to law and compatibility with the constitution, which were signed by the President of the Polish Republic and making presidential laws. President Kaczyński had a good relationship with Duda and respected his opinion. They presented a similar vision of Poland as a sovereign country respecting all its citizens. The presidential office of Lech Kaczyński was an excellent school for many young officials, learning mechanisms governing the country there. Now they are entering the great politics and want to serve to Poland. It is just this school of patriotism from which dr. Andrzej Duda comes and who was elected by the nation for the office of the president on 24 May 2015.

Recently we have had an occasion to hear the statement of prof. Jan Duda, the father of the newly elected president of the Polish Republic. He follows parental rules whose following is necessary in order to bring up a worthy person, able - as it turns out – to reach even the supreme office in the state. In his opinion one must respect one’s child and show him authorities to follow. Andrzej Duda’s father emphasizes deep religious life of his son. He says that without deep faith in God it would be impossible to face difficulties or attacks, strengthened particularly at the time when he was having the last part of his road to the current presidency. He asks with his fraternal care for a prayer for his son – the president Andrzej Duda, who is going to take over the presidential office on 6 August 2015.

One can say that after the Pentecost Sunday 2015, we woke up in new Poland. We are aware that this great history was taking place in the eyes of Providence. After all, recently, according to the liturgical calendar, we were calling for particular intercession of main patrons of Poland: St. Stanisław the Bishop and Martyr, St. Wojciech and St. Andrzej Bobola. For the whole time of the recent struggles for the future of Homeland at Jasna Góra, by the Heart of Our Lady, there were prayers for a good election of the president. We were asking St. John Paul II in Heaven so that he would intercede for Poland. God’s plan is very clear here: presidential elections took place on the Pentecost Sunday after the end of the great novena during which we were asking Divine Spirit so that He would descend onto us and change the image of our Polish land.


„Niedziela” 22/2015

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