LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ, The Editor-in Chief of ‘Niedziela’

It happened… Mary Wagner was sentenced again! The court decided that the Canadian pro-life activist, being in custody in Milton since last December , is guilty of convictions made against her. The verdict is going to be announced on 5 May 2015 and then we will find out how long she is going to be imprisoned. She is guilty of an attempt to stop the contemporary holocaust, by defending life of the unborn children, praying for them and their mothers. During her last court case, Mary refused to testify and kept silent for a few hours, with her head down, as a sign of her quiet protest. The known heroic Canadian woman is supported by Poles. A few month ago she was in our country and spoke about Canadian death factories, organized in abortion clinics and surgeries, where children can be killed in the majesty of the law, till the moment of their birth. Recently Fr. Piotr Bałtarowicz has left for Canada. He stayed in a parish near the prison in which Mary is. As the Polish pro-life activist Jacek Kotula informed, the priest prays for Mary with the rosary prayer every day, walking around the prison, like she used to walk with rosary in her hand around an abortion clinic.

One can ask a question: did people stop loving life?...Today we live as if between love and barbarism. In 1997 in Kalisz John Paul II noted that the world had become an arena of a fight for life. He quoted words of blessed Mother Theresa from Calcutta, explaining that life is the most beautiful gift from God. She reminded that we had been created by God to love and be loved. ‘If a mother is allowed to kill her child, who can stop me or you from killing each other…’ – the Mother Theresa said with grief. In the world of politics we also have excellent examples of pro-life activists, like the president of the USA Ronald Reagan.

Let’s look at Europe in this context. Pope Francis has compared it to a grandmother who is ‘infertile and lifeless’. On pages of this edition of ‘Sunday’, one of authors notes that the Old Continent resembles the ancient Rome in its decadent phase. Decadence started from inside there, through demoralization of the society, and barbaric invaders only completed destruction. And can there be bigger demoralization than the contemporary one, when God is removed from the public life and nature laws are being ruined? There is already a threat that the Europeans will be in the minority on their continent, because they defend themselves against life. We see its signs in everyday life. I will have a look in my own area, in the city centre, I see blocks of flats everywhere where there are empty flats and elderly people who are alone and are looking through windows for hours. Recently, this sad picture has been brightened by a ray of hope. For a few weeks, through the ceiling, I can hear little feet of a happy child running in his flat above me. This is the only young family with children in the whole stairway….Well, the demographic catastrophe is coming also to our country, and there are also people sued to court not only in the world but also here, in Poland, because they defend children’s rights for life. What pleases us is the fact that a definite majority of Poles clearly show their concern about the future, by among the others, organizing Marches of Life Holiness, like the ones on Sunday 19 April 2015 which were supported also by pope Francis.


„Niedziela” 17/2015

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