It is one of an unusual blessing of Jesus from a Sermon on a Hill, who teaches us to look at the reality with beautiful, pure eyes. Such eyes come from the pure heart. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a book of love. On the one hand, it shows God’s love to the man, and on the other hand, the man’s love to God. We are learning from Jesus to look at God Father and at another man. In Jesus everything is beautiful, rich, full of developing life. This is the basis of Christian upbringing. Sometimes it looks quite strict and demanding more effort from the man. We remember the pronouncement of the Holy Father John Paul II very well, which was addressed to the Polish youth in Częstochowa, at Jasna Góra, in 1983, and reminded at Westerplatte in 1987: ‘You must demand from yourselves, even if others would not demand anything from you’. The pope left a difficulty of work at oneself as one of the conditions of beautiful humankind.

How many educationally important moments constituted the Polish scouting or scouts, when young people used to set themselves serious tasks in life, although sometimes they had to devote their life for them. Let’s recall the Warsaw Uprising and the beautiful youth, with character, able to devote to the most important matters, including the homeland. We had excellent hosts of the young people who set themselves demands. It was similar with Orlęta Lwowskie – young people who were bravely defending the city. During the Second World War, so many people, soldiers devoted their life ‘for our and your freedom’. It was so and is also at the time of persecutions of the Christians, among whom so many are killed, because of their giving a testimony of their faith. Here Jesus’ words sound like a refrain: ‘The Blessed of the pure heart…’.

But, when we are looking at the hearts of our contemporary children and youth, young oasis participants, acting in groups established by God’s servant priest Franciszek Blachnicki, members of various Catholic communities, let’s notice their beautiful, excellent, enchanting eyes. They are such, because they are pure, not defiled by evil. These young people love Jesus and His gospel.

And here, today, a big pressure is exerted on the Ministry of the National Education, in order to enforce changes in the program bases of the subject of upbringing for a family and introduce the issue of homosexuality in the school curriculum and obligatory sexual education. Catholic groups of people are protesting against these proposals. Whereas a known sexologist suggests the so-called a modern attitude to the issues of sexual education, how a young man is fully opened up to experiencing his sexuality. Those who prepare atheistic educational programs, want to ‘bring up’ young Poles, basing especially on sexual life. They forget that the human nature is so constructed that when it is time to undertake marital, family or parents’ tasks, everything somehow comes easily, planned by God – it is in the human nature of a boy and a girl. So, we must not cause any sexual perversions among young people, nor show them life contradictory with biology and the natural law, we must not redirect natural human desires, kill pure hearts of children and young people. Enormous harm towards the whole nation might appear today. A teacher who is prompting students into perverse thoughts and actions, who accelerates their sexual behaviors and generate a sexual desire among them, will cause a situation, when the evangelical purity will falter in a child, about which Christ said. It would be a harm done to young people by the Polish school. It will be a sin which Jesus defines in a clear way: ‘It would be better to tie a millstone around a neck of this person and throw him into the sea’ (see Mt 18.6; Mk 9.42; Lucas 17.2).

Who wants it? Surely those who want to destroy Christianity in Europe, because in the whole Europe we are dealing with this kind of attack against the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

We are shocked that the Polish school is to be included in degradation of children and the youth. It has a good Christian tradition. A Pole is usually a good citizen, a patriot. Our customs are typical in forming the best features of male and female personalities. The proposed education would like to impose its idea on school, concerning teaching children and the youth to search for pleasure, life easiness at any cost. But fortitude, character strength and growing into a wonderful man are achieved through self-denial, through work on one’s own character, on one’s sexuality. So, the new proposal is a serious danger for the Polish nation, which is in fact Catholic. The Catholics should not agree on such a perverse and anti-Polish actions. So, we must call loudly: Poles, you must tell atheists the clear and definite: NO! You must opt for Christ, for the Church! Do not allow for shutting your mouths. Each of us should go to teachers who would like to destroy the consciences of our children and say: We must not kill pure hearts of our children and devastate their consciences! And we should join the fight for the Polish family. Otherwise, if we remain in our stagnation, if parents do not feel a duty to protect the values of Jesus’ teaching – everything will collapse and a complete ruin will appear.

Let’s defend Christ, let’s defend consciences of children and the youth!


"Niedziela" 18/2013

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