Everybody who watched a Polish film by Ryszard Bugajski ‘A closed system’, experienced a real shock; especially that in the end of the film there is information that three perpetrators of a tragedy of other people do not bear any consequence for their diabolical actions, but got promoted and are doing quite well.

The tragedy of the film is based on facts. Unfortunately, many Polish entrepreneurs could become the victims of a system functioning in this way. In many cases, economic freedom may turn out to be a fiction. Therefore, state factors did not want to finance the production of the film – the film is sponsored wholly by the means of private Polish companies and entrepreneurs, hoping that it would be a kind of a step towards a situation in which officials in our country would not feel unpunished. The main patron of film are the Credit Unions of Stefczyk.

This is real Poland, our homeland. And, after all, an ordinary citizen finds it to be a good, fair country, friendly to people. It turns out that these are only smooth, general sentences, which come from the mouths of some people, but everything happens in a different way. Therefore, after watching the film, people leave the cinema in silence and grief. This film simply shows the Polish reality, including impunity of officials, who can prove our faults, made up by them easily and in white gloves.

We should look at the film adaptation, considering many aspects, first of all, in terms of moral aspects. How is it possible that a few people employed in the apparatus of justice could have done such a big devastation in life of other citizens? The decision about intruding into the life of young entrepreneurs, in order to disturb them in developing their companies, is made practically only by one man, who has a ministerial and executive facilities (The Central Investigation Bureau). He causes a situation in which beautiful plans of young Polish businessmen, who had astonished Europe, as well as their previous impressive achievements collapse into pieces, similarly as their personal and family life.

During watching the film, a picture of the so-called torches of Neron from the film ‘Quo vadis’ came to my mind. The Christians were torches, because the Caesar wanted so, and the Roman plebeians were chanting: ‘Panem et circenses! – Bread and Olympic games. Aren’t the perpetrators of the tragedy of the young businessmen from the film ‘A closed system’ similar to that cruel ruler of Rome, who is glad of the suffering of brothers, and watching such a ‘theatre’ brings him joy? They also have stony hearts, they are not emotionally agitated by big family tragedies of these young people, to which they contributed personally. They see only one thing: they must destroy them and make it impossible for them to return to work and existence in the market, and their aim is to take over the enterprise – certainly in a veiled form.

How current is this situation and it is still threatening to our citizens. Some of us, strong in our positions, an access to much information, but also injustice, can still do – and are doing – wicked actions, to destroy others and lead them to a ruin. And actions of ‘excellent’ officials are simply cruel.

Yes. Today we need to ask the question: What was the ‘round table’ for Poland? Now we see it clearly, that it was not a victory, but a great manipulation. The victory was won by those who have been governing so far – so that they could do their private capitalist business now.

And in our homeland we are the witnesses of a kind of a closed system. After years of sale of the national property, there are no longer Polish factories, mines, ironworks, sugar mills, banks and other enterprises. Why didn’t anybody think about workers? What happened with the money from the sale of these objects? Why can’t we work in our country, despite our strength and willingness to work, and so many compatriots have to wander around the world, trying to earn their living abroad? What is the future for our nation…

It seems that we must draw conclusions both from the film picture, and many similar pictures of our life. ‘There is so much strength in the nation/and there is so many people/and when Your Spirit has already descended/then let it wake up those who are sleeping’ – wrote Wyspiański. We must refer to this truth and start forming Polish fates, the fate of the Polish family, because this is our duty towards those who will come for us. So, let the film ‘A closed system’ be a stimulus for those who govern our country, to get interested in honesty and responsibility.


"Niedziela" 19/2013

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