Dear Readers of 'Niedziela',

The Archdiocese of Czestochowa has published the Catholic Weekly 'Niedziela' since 1926. At first the circulation of 'Niedziela' was small and distributed only in the diocese till the year 1939. During World War II the weekly was not published. In 1945, after the war it was distributed all over Poland but appeared till 1953 because the communist authorities suspended its publication. The break lasted till 1981. During the period of Solidarity the bishop of Czestochowa succeeded in re-establishing 'Niedziela'. Since then it has been published as the biggest Catholic weekly in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. 'Niedziela' is read in Poland, Europe and America - practically on every continent. It has an electronic version and read in 111 countries worldwide. For several months the Russian edition, as a summary of our articles, has been published once a month.
Currently, we have decided to launch an English edition on the World Wide Web. It is our concern that non-Polish speaking readers know what Poles talk, discuss and write about. 'Niedziela' is an example of Polish thinking and discussing although it presents only a part of contemporary debates in the papers. However, it will be good that even some small part of Polish thought could be available to those who do not know Polish. Therefore, we are making an effort to meet the needs of English speaking readers.
We are also going to publish longer speeches, e.g. homilies or discourses delivered by important personalities in the cultural, political or religious scene in Poland. We desire that the articles published in 'Niedziela' as well as other messages could present to various communities what the Polish society thinks and discusses about.
We wish you a fruitful reading.

We would like to inform you that some texts will be published in other foreign languages e.g. French, German or Italian.

Office Editorial of Sunday

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