A side effect of the so-called march of equality in Płock is high popularity of 15-year-old Jakub who was trying to block it with a cross in his hand. He tells ‘Niedziela’ why he did it

Photos and video clips have got onto internet portals. A teenager with an impressive cross stood on the route of an LGBT march in Płock, to which activists from whole Poland had been brought by coach. There was no confrontation: Jakub was stopped, pushed aside and taken away by policemen escorting the march.

Why did he want to block the march, and with the cross? – I wanted to remind the gesture of Fr. Ignacy Skorupka from the battle with the Bolsheviks – he says. – Nobody persuaded or forced to do it. I am 15 years old, I understand the world surrounding me and I can make decisions consciously. I only did what nobody else wanted to do it.

We must defend ourselves

Opinions on such marches are opposing. Their supporters say that this is a manifestation of equality of homosexuals, etc. and other normal people; opponents say about telling a whopper, taming with abnormality and promoting ill ideas and perversions. The march in Płock took place under the motto: ‘Płock drives equality!’.

Jakub, a teenager from Płock, has his own opinion on such marches and behavior of their participants: the propaganda spread during the LGBT events opposes to the Catholic teaching and the common sense. – This is the reason for the action with the cross in hand – he explains.

He also wanted to show that there is no agreement to profanations which take place during such marches. – Pictures of Our Lady with the rainbow halo are calling to Heaven for vengeance. The Catholics must defend themselves – he says. He saw such blasphemous images on the march in Płock. – It was terrible, I had tears in my eyes…. – he says.

He has a lot of questions

Jakub has finished education in primary school recently and got to the Catholic High School functioning by the local seminary. The recommendation letter was written for him by his parish priest of the cathedral parish church Fr. Can. Stefan Cegłowski. The parish priest knows Jakub and his family very well, but does not want to speak about him or the last events. He says that it brings harm to the boy.

The priest testifies the credibility of Jakub. The boy live with what he expresses. He is a deeply religious and conscious Catholic, with traditionalist opinions. – He is interested in tridentine liturgy and has a lot of questions about it. As one of very few people, he kneels when receiving the Holy Communion – the priest says. – He is intelligent and eloquent. He was accepted to a good Catholic school. He has a future ahead. If he wants to become a priest, he can become him – he adds. With the reservation: if he finds enough humility in himself. For now, in the interviews after the events from the march of equality, among the others, in the television wrealu.24.pl, he has a difficulty with it.

He wants to be a priest

Jakub likes to be photographed wearing a bow-tie. Because people with conservative opinions wear a bow-tie and he just has such opinions. A white shirt, a suit jacket, and a miniature sword of Chrobry and a little badge of Pobudka in the jacket lapel. He says that he is a libertarian but rather more a nationalist.

He got familiar with politics when he was elected for the Youthful City Council. But he has been interested in politics since his early childhood, that is, when he was a few years old. He follows political events, being interested in all-Polish youth, and, finally, joined Pobudka – an organization of Grzegorz Braun whose purpose is ‘realization of the program of organic work for the sake of freedom, safety and spiritual, intellectual and material emancipation of Poles’.

Because of his age, he cannot join an ‘adults’ political party. He likes elements of various groups’ programs. Now various parties, their youth groups, will fight about him. – If I wanted to be a politician, such noise would be necessary – he says. – But I do not see the future in politics for myself. I want to be a priest!

He reserves: as long as he is not a priest, he is not in a seminary – he is trying to act. Because keeping silent is cooperation with evil. But I do not want to be a politician. If God wanted something different and I did not become a priest, I might think about it.

A gesture of Fr. Skorupka

He found out about Fr. Ignacy Skorupka first from a film ‘Warsaw Battle’. The attitude of the priest worried him. – I read about what he had done, how he had given absolution before the battle – Jakub says. – His gesture may be only a legend but very beautiful and grapping one’s heart.

Before taking part in a battle, Fr. Skorpuka put on a stole on his neck. He could also wear a surplice or a soldier’s coat. A lot of reports prove that he also had a cross in his hand. It was how Jerzy Kossak saved his last moments on paintings ‘Death of Fr. Ignacy Skorupka’ and ‘Miracle at the Vistula’. In both paintings the priest is the central person in the fight. The chaplain was killed from a shot at his head.

Jakub thought that this gesture may make people reflect and discuss it. And, in order to show that the Catholics defend themselves from what the LGBT group is doing with our society, with the nation. That is – it destroys it from inside. – I would prefer an adult to have done it, who is credible. But if there was nobody, I did it by myself – he says. He was not scared

Jakub spent the morning before the march of equality in Płock on the Holy Mass. He received the Holy Communion and then he went where people were to gather. However, when he saw the image of Our Lady with the rainbow, he had tears in his eyes and decided to act. He had a cross from a priest he knew and to whom he said that he would pray to it and do what Fr. Skorupka had done.

He was not scared as he felt that God was with him. – One feels it, this is a specific feeling – he emphasizes. – I did not think about fear. I was focused on the cross, which I was holding in my hand. I was praying, saying: ‘Salve Regina’.

I wanted people to see me with this cross stopping the march. I wanted it to get to mass media, so that people would see and there would be a public debate.

He told an intervening policeman that he had to defend his faith as it would be destroyed. – They took me away first, and then made a report on me.

It was the beginning

There were lots of comments after videos and photos of Jakub standing in front of a row of policemen appeared in media. There were lots of phone calls from journalists and also from acquaintances. And there were interviews, talks and comments. They were good at most but there were also the bad ones; even from people with Professor’s degrees. He answered some of them.

Wojciech Sadurski called him ‘disturbed child’. Jacek Kochanowski – ‘a madman with the cross’. A saloon writer Jacek Dehnel wrote: ‘The ideology’s bad results/are distorting the country like syphilis:/from a thin and fragile shell’.

What do parents of the 15-year-old boy think about it? – His grandma is worried, his father does not comment, my mum even praised me for my courage – he says. –But she also said that she is worried as those from the LGBT may do a harm to me. He says that he is not scared as these are pacifists, after all.

At the beginning he did not know what was happening, his surname and photos were everywhere. – I could not to find myself in it – he says. Being recognizable was not my purpose. This is a side effect.


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