In the recent time we have been witnesses of godless and vulgar aggression and acts of insulting our national holy symbols and also religious symbols. In this way we are particularly hurt by profanation of Blessed God’s Mother Mary in Her Jasna Góra Image. Facing up those painful events we cannot be passive

Being one community of the Association of Knighthood of the Order of Jasna Góra God’s Mother, whose deacon I am, we are undertaking a great knightly mobilization of hearts in order to enliven the widely known and excellent cult of our Mother and Hetman. Let’s worship Her with particular care, devotion and love. Let’s pray to Her fervently. Let’s bring Her joy, by participating in Her feasts, and let’s try to follow Her faithfully in God’s love and faithfulness to the Holy Gospel of Her Son.

We must uncover the unusual greatness of Mary, Her dignity and participation in the history of salvation anew in pious reflection so that our prayers and cult would be really deep and excellent.

Mother of God’s Son

She was the only one of all mothers of the world was chosen a Mother of God’s Son - Jesus Christ. This God’s gift of choosing proves the greatness and dignity of Blessed Virgin. May this truth penetrate our consciousness deeply and make us happy.

Mary agreed to be the Mother of God’s Son (see Lucas 1, 26 – 28). She said the famous sentence addressed to the angel: ‘May it happen according to your word’. She became God’s Mother and remained the Virgin forever.

Mary is also popular with the privilege of immaculate conception. It is connected with the complementary whole with the mystery of redeeming humankind. Well, through the human being, the first parents in the paradise, through their sin, there appeared tainting of the whole human nature, that is, tendency to evil and death. According to age-old plans of God, the mystery of salvation of humankind was to be done also with the participation of the human being. And just here Mary the Virgin, through this privilege, was saved from the taint of the first sin, and quoting the Credo – God’s Son took on the body from Mary the Virgin through the Holy Spirit and became the human being.

As a result, Jesus as God’s Son and Redeemer proclaimed and proclaims the Holy Gospel, raises faith, forgives sins, sacrifices himself on the wood of the cross, makes a propitiation to God for our sins and the sins of the whole world. Whereas His Resurrection opens us a road to the heavenly Homeland. From the beginning Jesus’ Mother has been united with Him and has been working together with Him in the mystery of redeeming the whole world.

Taken to Heaven and beloved

The whole life of Blessed Virgin Mary is marked with Her unusual faith and complete devotion to God in Her beloved Son Jesus Christ. As the Mother of Church she was taken to Heaven with her soul and body, but she did not stop fulfilling her redeeming role – ‘through her frequent intercession, she is still gaining gifts for of eternal salvation for us. Thanks to Her motherly love, she is taking care about the God’s people making a pilgrimage to the Heavenly Homeland of God and Father’. (Dogmatic Constitution about Church ‘Lumen gentium’, 62). Therefore God’s Mother is requested by believers as the Advocator bringing help.

It is high time we made our Mother and Queen happy. May everybody of us worship Her. Either through the everyday prayer ‘Angelus’ or the Loreto Litany, Rosary or the everyday reading the Holy Scripture. Let’s read books and magazines about Mary. Let’s worship our Mother and Queen with the everyday prayer ‘To Your Defence’.

Let’s direct our eye look and hearts to Jasna Góra. This beloved sanctuary of our Lady, Her home of grace and intercession. Here, for hundreds of years, she has been worshipped by pilgrims arriving here from Poland and the whole world.

In 1983 St. John Paul II was saying at Jasna Góra very emotionally: ‘How many pilgrims have visited the Jasna Góra sanctuary during those six centuries! How many of them have converted here, converting from evil to use freedom in a good way! How many of them have regained real dignity of adoptive sons of God! How much about it the Jasna Góra Chapel could speak about it! How much the confessionals of the whole basilica could speak about it! The Road of the Cross on the ramparts! An enormous chapter of the history of human souls!’

May the liturgical prayer to the worship of Blessed Mary of Jasna Góra enliven and unite us: ‘Almighty and merciful God, You gave the Polish nation in Blessed Mary the Virgin unusual help and defence, and glorified Her holy image at Jasna Góra with unusual worship from believers, please, made us fight fervently in defence of faith and glorify Your victory in Heaven. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God throughout all centuries. Amen’.

* * *

Fr. Jan Adam Nalaskowski
General of the Pauline Fathers’ Order in the years 1990 – 96. Now the dean of the Association of Knighthood of the Order of Jasna Góra God’s Mother.


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