Among 13 deacons of the diocese of Bielsko-Żywiec, who received the sacrament of priesthood on 27 May from bishop Roman Pindel, there was also Tymoteusz Szydło – son of the prime minister of the Polish government. – This is a great experience which should remain in the family and among relatives -said the prime minister Beata Szydło after the ceremony. The motto which Fr. Tymoteusz Szydło accepted are the words from the Letter of St. Paul to the Galats: ‘Christ freed us towards freedom’ (Ga 5.1).

On Sunday 28 May this year, Fr. Tymoteusz received a special blessing from his parents at home, and then the newly-ordained priest went in a solemn procession with other priestst, members of his family and friends to the parish church of Our Lady of Częstochowa in Przecieszyn near Oświęcim, where he celebrated the first Holy Mass. The sermon was given by Fr. Prof. Jan Żelazny, a supervisor of the MA thesis of Fr. Tymoteusz. In an interview he explained that in his MA thesis Fr. Szydło had written about Tymoteusz I, a patriarch of Bagdad from the times of reigns by the Abbasids at the turn of VIII and IX centuries. The newly-ordained priest thanked everybody for praying in the intention of him and asked to continue on supporting him in this way. – Pray for me, please. Pray but not in the intention that I would be a prominent priest, not that I would not be touched by all kinds of evil, not that I would make a career, but that I would live my life in the way I am standing in front of you now: as a priest – he said. Fr. Szydło gave everybody special blessing by laying his hands on the heads of: priests, clerics, parents – the prime minister of the Polish government Beata Szydło and her husband Edward, a younger brother Błazej and all participants of the Liturgy. The younger son of the prime minister chose medicine. He is going to be a doctor of bodies, and his older brother Tymoteusz - a doctor of souls.


„Niedziela” 23/2017

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