If it was not for love there would not be the Church or bishops or priests or sacraments, or the God’s Word. Love is the basis of evangelical efforts – said cardinal Pietro Parolin on 27 May this year in Łowicz during a bishop ordination of prelate priest Andrzej Józwowicz, whose the Holy Father had appointed an apostolic nuncio in Rwanda on 18 March this year, also raising the titular bishop Lauriaco to the dignity of archbishop.

In his homily cardinal Parolin emphasized that the mission and identity of the bishop can be understood, by coming out of Jesus’ love. – This love raises vocations to priestly service, to consecrated or marriage life – he said. The Vatican Secretary of State emphasized that it is important that every apostolic nuncio would be able to strengthen everybody in faith and would be a visible sign of unity among Churches all over the world. In his opinion this is the way in which particular Churches would not be short of help from the universal Church, and the universal Church – would not be short of freshness of local Churches. – As pope Francis stated in his speech to apostolic nuncios it is all about building the Church among particular Churches and the universal Church, between bishops and the bishop of Rome – cardinal Parolin explained. He added that the nuncio should represent the Holy See with dignity and inform others about its attitude in essential issues, among the others, by promoting respecting the right to life, to religious freedom, and work for the sake of peace, social justice and sensitivity to environment protection. In the opinion of cardinal Parolin the nuncio should appreciate tradition, genius and sensitivity of the country in which he is. – The nuncio will have to start a sincere dialogue with authorities and his attitude should be attentive and friendly, listening to everybody, so that his respect towards the country where he was invited would be visible – said the Vatican Secretary of State. – In order to face difficult requirements, the apostolic nuncio should, first of all, ask God to help him fulfill his duties well – he noted. –The mission given to you today can blossom only when it is submerged in the life of prayer. Only by being a humble disciple of Jesus, will you be able to be a reliable teacher in your words and salvation deeds. In order to complete his ministry, the bishop is called for unifying with Christ – said cardinal Parolin.


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