The movement ‘Europa Christi’ was presented on the background of the Roman Declaration of 25 March by its initiator Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubiś. The meeting was held in a Concert Hall of the Royal Castle in Warsaw and it was inscribed into the Fair of Catholic Publishers. – We are witnesses of Christ exiled, excluded - also in Poland but today people are beginning to perceive that they must make a place for Christ in order to save Europe – Fr. Skubiś emphasized. In his opinion, efforts aimed at saving Europe are seen also in care about the native culture and a well-pursued policy. For, without Christ, present in the social and political life, Europe is losing its identity. Referring to the history of the Movement ‘Europa Christi’, its initiator mentioned the person of God’s servant cardinal Stefan Wyszyński who suggested in a letter addressed to the bishop of Częstochowa at that time, Stefan Bareła, that Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś should become a moderator of a movement comprising the Catholic intelligence in Poland. – Today the Movement ‘Europa Christi’ is continuing an idea of the former Association ‘Revival’, to which Fr. Sefan Wyszyński was related. This is work of Providence. God is leading us on this road – said Fr. Skubiś.

The Roman Declaration does not mention Christian roots of Europe, such values as the good, truth, love, solidarity or fathers the founders of the European community, whose beatification processes have been carried out by the Church for years. The European Union does not want to remember about it. Fr. Skubiś reminded that Polish Solidarity, which in the 80s of the previous century gathered about 10 million Poles, contributed to the change of Europe image. – At that time Europe got shaken. Nobody thought that the Berlin wall would collapse without a war. The biggest failure, also of the Church, is the lack of solidarity today – he admitted. He emphasized that it is necessary to follow the movement Solidarity, so that the Christians of Europe would unite together as only when being united they can face the Muslim civilization spreading onto the Old Continent. The European Union is already getting prepared to introduce the law of sharia, contradictory with the Latin civilization. What is extremely important is the significance and sense of existing national countries.

What is essential in strengthening one’s cultural identity is creating new elites. The example of the most beautiful attitude of a Christian man and a European man – as Fr. Skubiś emphasized – was St. John Paul II who should become the patron of Europe. He added that Europe elaborated its existence, basing on the Christian culture. ‘Europa Christi’ is not Europe of Mahomet or Marx and Engels, but Europe of Christ.


„Niedziela” 15/2017

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