In May I and a photographer Janusz Rosikon published a richly illustrated book entitled: ‘Fatima Mysteries. The greatest secret of XX century’. The work was noticed in among theologians and – to our astonishment – in the beginning of October, being invited by the Papal International Mariological Academy, we took part in the 23rd International Mariological-Marian Congress in Fatima. We gave a lecture there entitled: ‘Fatima Mysteries. Mary’s Message to the Modern Age’.

We suggested one of possible answers there, to the question what pope Benedict XVI meant when in 2010 he spoke about topicality of Fatima apparitions and their prophetic potential.

In 1917 Our Lady was warning the Word, through the three little shepherds against mistakes which were to come out of Russia and spread all over the world. Interpretation binding in the Catholic Church says that those were to be mistakes of communism.

I decided to look at this issue a bit deeply and refer to the definition of pope Pius XI who called communism even ‘the biggest heresy of all times’ in his encyclical ‘Divini Redemptopris’.

So, he treated it not only as the political, social or economic system, but he also noticed a negative spiritual dimension in it. Being inspired by this thought, I gathered findings and practice of communism with the Ten Commandments. As a result, every point negated the Decalogue absolutely.

Listeners in Fatima were impressed by two facts which they had not realized. First of all, they were astonished by information that the first country on the Earth, which legalized abortion (18 November 1920) was the Soviet Union.

Whereas another country was the Third Reich, but only on the areas it had conquered. Hans Frank sanctioned this procedure in the General Governorship (9March 1943), but only in reference to representatives ‘racially lower’ nations, mainly the Slavs.

Another thing which nobody realized, was the news that sexual revolution had not began in the United States with the generation of the hippis but in the Soviet Union with the victory of the Bolsheviks. In order to illustrate this phenomenon one can quote tens of examples (Police Stations of Free Love, educational campaign ‘Love like a glass of water’, local provisions about ‘women nationalization’, Komsomol commune with group sex, the first protests of the nudists and gay parades, pornographic basic book for illiterate etc).

The very notion of ‘sexual revolution’ was introduced for the first time by a director of Moscow Institute of Social Hygiene Batkis, an author of a brochure ‘Sexual Revolution in the Soviet Union’. This idea got to the West later, through such neo-Marxism activists like Wilhelm Reich or Herbert Marcuse.

So, it turns out that ‘the mistakes of Russia’ did not disappear with the collapse of communism. Legalization of abortion, initiated by Lenin, has spread all over the world. The same things concerns sexual revolution. Although it was invented in Bolshevik Russia, it has spread all over continents. In western intellectual centres, and particularly in intellectual elite, cultural Marxism is spreading.

New leftist party is taking over Marxist schemas of thinking from the old one, but it changes them into meanings of the culture world. In this way the same ideology, which used to create Lenin and his comrades, is becoming the basis for domineering cultural trends of the western civilization.

So, dangers mentioned by Our Lady in Fatima are still factual. So, the remedies suggested by Mary should still be factual. She said that two conditions had to be fulfilled. The first one is devoting Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Holy Father, and another one – is a religious service being expiation on five first Saturdays of months.

The first condition was put forward to the pope and bishops and another one – to all God’s people. One usually remembers only the first one. However, has the second condition been fulfilled? This is a question which we asked ourselves and to our listeners in Fatima.


„Niedziela” 39/2016

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