On 24 March 2016 it has been 10 years since in the chapel of the Polish Seym relics of a saint wife, mother and a doctor Giann Beretta Molla were brought

Gianna Beretta Molla is an unusual saint woman, as ‘given’ to us by St. John Paul II. The Polish Pope – a great intercessor of family, and first of all, a defender of a child wanted to tell the world that defence of every conceived life is possible. It was proved by a great doctor who experienced pain of choice herself, between her daughter’s life and hers. Little is said about her great dilemmas and suffering. St. John Paul II called it heroism. During beatification in the homily he said among the others: ‘We pay tribute to all mothers all over the world who chose life of their children and gave her lives to God’.

A saint wife and mother

A child of St. Gianna – a saved daughter Gianna Emanuela, like her mother, became a doctor. This modest woman said on a stadium Maracana in Brazil in 1997: ‘My dear Mum, thank you that you gave me life twice; the first time when I was conceived, you let me live, and the second time, when you did not allow for killing me. And so my life is a continuation of your life. Dear Mum, thank you’. This beautiful confession of the child, who has never felt a hug of her mother, or heard her voice, or experienced her care, whereas she experiences her mother’s holiness. Holiness so important for our times.

A saint doctor

Life of St. Gianna Beretta Molla was not different from a life of an ordinary working woman. She had dreams – first, she wanted to be a very good doctor. Her recommendations which she gave to her colleagues are famous: ‘We, doctors, work for a human being directly. The object of our studies and work is a human being who stands in front of us, tells us about him and asks: ‘help me’ and expects that we will confirm his existence’. This saint doctor also warned everybody against superficiality – according to her a doctor touches Jesus in the body of the ill: ‘the poor, the young, the old and children’. This job which St. Gianna chose with complete consciousness, let her fulfill her vocation. There are known testimonies of still alive patents who remember their dear doctor. They say that not only did she treat with complete professionalism, but she also supported particularly families with many children financially. St. Gianna knew that she would not be able to provide everyone with material help, she was looking for support in her beloved husband. Piotr who was not able to refuse anything to his wife, employed poor fathers of families with many children in his factory. The saint wife knew that she had a brilliant ‘diamond’ man – as she often called him so and she also told her children about his great heart.

Life of a child is the most important

The beautiful love of these unusual spouses survived the most dramatic choice. Both of them prayed in those difficult moments, entrusting everything to Divine Providence.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to save the heroic mother. She died a week after her daughter’s birth. Her decision to do everything in order to save the child, became a message for all spouses: ‘And you can save your children. Do not be afraid, God, the Giver of Life, will bless You. He will give you particular happiness’.

On 30 March 2016 in the Polish Seym we were happy about the presence of the saved daughter of the saint mother – dr. Gianna Emanuela, who enriched the 10th anniversary of bringing the relics of her saint mother to the Seym chapel. She received them 10 years agor from her brother – Pierluiga Molla. It was a solemn event – the Polish parliament was the first one in the world to have accepted the relics of St. Gianna Beretta Molla. This distinction is particular as the presence of such a mother will surely contribute to saving Polish families.

St. Gianna, please, save families, and Polish children against abortion, so that each Pole could live and sanctify our country. May your presence in so many parishes in Poland (80) bring holiness to our Homeland.


„Niedziela” 14/2016

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