Jasna Gora returns to long tradition of theological discussions in the Knights' Hall. During 50 years after the Poland Baptism Millennium, we want to undertake reflection on the program included in the Jasna Gora Vows of the Primate of the Millennium. The event prepared by us is called: 'Jasna Gora Report 2016'.

The nine-year-old novena before the year 1966 prepared the Church and the Nation for moral renewal and Christian life. The nine-month prayer and Jasna Gora discussions are to prepare us for experiencing the 1050th anniversary of Poland baptism through reflection on the content of particular Jasna Gora vows. We also want to pass over this content to others in a new language. We are going to reflect on their current significance in Poles' life and in the Church of the XXI century. In this way – we hope – Jasna Gora Report 2016 will be created.

Our inspiration are the words of St. John Paul II: 'Contemporary people are particularly sensitive to human dignity, to human rights. Vowing at Jasna Gora also includes a Polish Charter of human rights' (Castel Gandolfo, 26 August 1990).

We are also going to debate for nine months (27 September, 24 October, 22 November, 20 December 2015, 24 January, 21 February, 20 March, 17 April, 1 May 2016). Disputers – representatives of the world of the Church, science and culture, led by the journalist Jan Pospieszalski, will be meeting at Jasna Gora in the presence of audience and invited guests.

The discussion will be registered and then made available via Internet, radio and TV stations. The intention of organizers is to incite a deep reflection, inspired by our debates. Every meeting will be preceded with a prayer in the intention of Homeland.

We welcome you cordially!


„Niedziela” 39/2015

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