Every year the Family of Maryja Radio is the biggest pilgrimage arriving at Jasna Góra. This time, on 11-12 July it has been organized for the 24th time. Pilgrims who arrived from all over Poland and from abroad, undertook a particular prayer for Homeland. This meeting was held under the motto: ‘Poland is in the second place after God which I love the most’.

Family as the most important bastion

On the first day of the pilgrimage, during the Holy Mass celebrated on the hill of Jasna Góra, the homily was given by the bishop the senior of the diocese of Drohiczyn Antoni Pacyfik Dydycz. He said among the others: - For the nation the greatest strength and bastion is family. He referred to the thought of cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, who said that it is necessary to plan the future of Homeland not through coffins, but through creating such conditions for families, so that a father and a mother could fulfill their noblest national duty, which is providing security to a new appearing generation. He noted absurd laws which are the expression of lawlessness, when, for example, there are attempts to weaken family through comparing it to non-natural couples.

Love, justice, truth

Bishop Dydycz wondered what happens to love, justice and truth in our Homeland. – It seems that there are more and more lies – he said – and what is the worst, is the fact that it takes place even in the supreme governmental spheres. Anyway, is it necessary to remind what our justice looks like? Unfortunately, the spirit of Dostoyevski gives us its signs. In one of his works there is a scene which takes place in a restaurant. There is always something wrong with these restaurants – nomen omen. As we see, these strange meetings have their ‘branches’ stretching to the future and the presence. Well, at a table there were two men – unfortunately, drinking alcohol. One of them was cursing terribly to his mate. He was saying threats and curses to him. At one moment his mate joined drinking with him, wanting to express his sympathy in the words: ‘You must have been hurt badly by that man if you are complaining so about him’. And here is something surprising: the man who was cursing so badly, reflected on it somehow and said: ‘No, it was me who hurt him very badly and now I started hating him’. Doesn’t it explain us hatred to the Church, to all this which is good and fair?

The hierarch appealed to journalists and publicists: - Break connections which cause that in our life mass media are associated with lies and various manipulations. He encouraged everyone to read ‘Sunday’ and other Catholic magazines. – They may be very modest in the technical sense, but are chaste inside, because they do not bring any harm to people. He said to everyone: - Be those who will make our mass media be associated with real care about honest information, about sincere serving to a man, about authentic love to Homeland, which was, and is after God, the greatest love for God’s servant cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

Saving Homeland with a prayer and fasting

- If we want to change something in our nation, first we must pray for it – archbishop Andrzej Dzięga, the metropolitan of Szczecin emphasized in a homily preached on the second day of the pilgrimage on Sunday 12 July. Referring to the words of the primate of Poland cardinal Stefan Wyszyński: ‘Poland is in the second place after God which I love the most’, emphasized that ‘loving Poland of all, after God, is very difficult but real program’ – The Primate of the Millennium was right when he was teaching: human wisdom requires to face the future with deep humility and respect. It is necessary to love every fragment of the history of Homeland, get to know it first, extract what appeared from the truth, love and justice. For only this thing creates real history of the nation, passes to the past, is blessing, joy, food, bread for the nation going into the future, is strengthening – said the preacher. He emphasized that a nation with ambition, must eat not only mistakes, falls and sins of the future, in order to survive, but also healthy and alive power of the national and Catholic life.

A criminal act

- For the nation family is the most important strength and bastion – reminded archbishop Dzięga and noted that ‘who is a friend for the nation, strengthens family, who is an enemy for the nation, destroys family in all ways’. Among many problems of Polish families, the metropolitan of Szczecin mentioned the Convention about preventing and fighting violence against women and domestic violence, signed by the president, as well as unbeneficial procedures, resulting in parents’ losing rights to bring up their children. He also defined the in vitro act as criminal, enacted by the governing coalition. – Today we are coming with pain concerning the recent days, nearly last hours. For, so many reasonable votes were expressed about in vitro. Why are you still deaf and introduce this act into the Polish law system and Polish life? Why are you deaf to the voice of the reason, to rational arguments, who made you deaf? – asked the preacher and called: -How can there be a writing in the act that a conceived and alive baby is a conglomeration of cells? It hurts, shocks and surprises. If you prepared this act even as wicked – it would be the matter of conscience for people of faith. However, you prepared the criminal act, because it refuses humanity to an alive and conceived human being. You prepared it in a criminal way, because people can be killed with impunity only because a lab professor’s baby was deformed, ill or developing in a wrong way. It is pure eugenics and it is a crime!

Addressing his speech to people whose life had been conceived through the in vitro procedure, archbishop Dzięga emphasized: - Dear sisters and brothers, we want to tell you that we love you, that we have you in our hearts. We are with you, because you are not guilty of anything. You are a gift of God’s love to the world, although this gift was enforced by adults against nature. Feel relief freely, as you are God’s children – he said.

A plenary indulgence

The solemn Holy Mass, attended by a few hundred thousand believers, was celebrated by a few dozen bishops. The Holy Father Francis gave indulgence to all participants of this pilgrimage – after fulfilling basic requirements. The pilgrimage was also attended by parliamentarians, MPs, senators and euro-deputies, including the president of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński. The pilgrims listened to a patriotic concert of Lech Makowicz and Bożena Makowiecka. Artists from Warsaw also performed: Barbara Dobrzyńska and Jerzy Zelnik, Dariusz Kowalski, Halina Łabonarska. A few songs were performed by the Polish tenor singer Bogusław Morka. The two-day meeting was ended with the Divine Merciful Chaplet.


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