Pope Francis quite often reminds us about the word ‘sensitivity’, referring it to God. He emphasizes that he is sensitive Father, that God’s love, friendship which we receive from Him is very close to everyone. This is a particular message of the Holy Father who discovers in a new way sensitivity in reference to God. We understand the meaning of this word, we know that sensitivity is needed in our life, particularly when we feel lonely, pushed away into the margin, elderly or ill. If somebody is sensitive towards us, we regain strength, optimism. Sensitivity is a kind of the sympathetic system, through which a man perceives another person as somebody dear and close. Sensitivity includes reference to family. and, this is, according to pope Francis, God’s attitude towards the man. God’s sensitivity is expressed in unconditional willingness of helping him when he asks for help.

And now, when Francis opens the Year of Mercifulness, it seems that he wants to attract our attention to this issue of perceiving Divine Mercifulness as an element of an unusual close relation of God towards the man. But here, there appears the question: what is my attitude to loving God like? Do I respond to sensitivity with sensitivity?...

We still hear a right statement of a French writer Francois Mauriacm that we die in loneliness. That is true that each of us must report on our lives to God. Awareness that God is merciful, that He loves with sensitivity, that He comes to the man as real God, and also a real man who is our brother, a close person, is very helpful here.

So, the Year of Mercifulness will brighten darkness of our life. Divine Mercifulness gives us inner peace and joy, that we are not orphans, but sons of the Light. Risen Christ brings us the taste of redemption, heavenly feast and jog coming from the messiah’s idea. Is there anything more beautiful than the statement that ‘God loved the world so much that He gave us His Begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him would not die but have eternal life’ (J3.16)?

God’s sensitiveness towards the man is revealed in the whole history of redemption. We must only accept this important reflection of pope Francis and ponder on the great significance of mercifulness which God gives to all people.


„Niedziela” 17/2015

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