The main reward of the Association of Catholic Publishers Phoenix 2015 – beside cardinal Gianfranco Ravasiego and cardinal Gerhard Muller – Pauline Father Bazyli Degórski, the general procurator of the Pauline Order at the Holy See, was honoured. The phoenix reward 2015 was granted to Father Degórski for his prominent achievements in the patristic sphere, dogmatic theology and patristic anthropology. They are on the highest world level, which is proven by entrusting critical publishing historical and hagiographic magazines to the explorer, in the prestigious cycle of St. Hieronim’s works. The scholar is an expert of the history of ancient monasticism, and he also specializes in paleography and Latin codicology. His works on manuscripts tradition ‘Life of St. Paul the Hermit’, as well as other biographies written by St. Hieronim, development of texts, their translations into Polish and Italian and many studies on them – are an imposing literature, worth the greatest praises and distinctions. Father Degórski also makes the name of the Polish Religious Order humanistic culture popular.


„Niedziela” 17/2015

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