The Presidium of the Polish Episcopal Conference in an appeal referring to starting works on the act project about medical assistance to procreation, emphasizes: ‘The project enables using in vitro procedure without undertaking a real attempt of treating a real reason of infertility. (…). So, facing the initiative of enacting bad law (…) our duty is accepting law which will improve the current situation, not legalize it without any objections’. The Episcopate is calling the government to elaborate and start a really medical program of treating infertility, based on honest and reliable diagnostics of reasons and undertaking attempts of liquidating them. Members of the Presidium of the Episcopate are paying attention to radicalism of the governmental project which rejects subjectivity of human life on the embryo phase.

‘The human embryo is treated equally as a group of cells or a tissue which means the same as if an alive man was understood as a system of organs. So, it is basic and irremovable defect of the project suggested by the government’ – we read in a letter signed by archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, archbishop Marek Jędraszewski and bishop Artur Miziński.

The document points to issues in which the governmental project should be corrected and enumerates eight unacceptable and shocking solutions from the act project about in vitro. Bishops point out, among the others, that it assumes an eugenic selection of embryos, enables cloning of the human being, as a normal procedure element it assumes freezing and keeping embryos and also enables conceiving children after death of a donor of reproductive cells and provides inadmissibility of transferring embryos to the body of a mother, when a donor of reproductive cells withdraws his consent.

The project neglects also the good of a child, leaving a human embryo outside all personal relations.

In the opinion of the Presidium of the Polish Episcopal Conference ‘the act project about treating infertility accepted by the Ministers Council, contains solutions which inhibit any participation of a Catholic person in works helping in accepting it’.


„Niedziela” 15/2015

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