There is Only One Church


"Unity is a priceless gift" - said Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz in Toruń during the recent celebrations of the anniversary of the existence of Radio Maryja. The Cardinal, who was the closest aide and friend of St. John Paul II, came to Toruń from Cracow. The name of one of the city's boroughs - Łagiewniki - has for many years been used in propaganda as a symbol of the alleged division of the Catholic Church in Poland.  Such theories were spread not only in our country, they were also exported abroad. The idea was to prove that since the time when Radio Maryja started broadcasting its programmes in Toruń 23 years ago, the unity of Catholics in Poland has been at risk, and even more so - it has become a fact. Despite the statement by the Holy Father John Paul II who said in 1995 "I thank God every day that there is such a radio in Poland and that it is called Radio Maryja", foreign media, in particularly European media, claimed that the Polish Church was divided. For example, a popular German daily newspaper wrote alarmingly in early 2006: "Radio Maryja spaltet die Kirche Polens" (Radio Maryja Divides Polish Church). Another newspaper reported that Polish sociologists predicted an imminent schism within the Catholic Church in Poland. Following this line of thought, French, British and Austrian media accused Radio Maryja and its milieu of xenophobia, demagogy and anti-Semitism. The latter allegation was particularly unfair. It was raised by a British daily newspaper in the context of the visit by Radio Maryja's Director, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk Ph.D, to the European Parliament in Brussels. I immediately sent an official request to the editors to give me at least one example that would confirm these defamatory statements and I have been patiently waiting for their reply for two years.  I believe that foreign media have taken note of Cardinal Dziwisz's visit to Toruń and that they will revise their opinions. And Cardinal Dziwisz said the following, amongst other things: "For Radio Maryja's critics this state of tension should also lead to a deeper reflection - one that is not influenced by simple prejudice and goes beyond strong antipathies". The key message the Cardinal brought to Radio Maryja's birthday celebrations was the unity of the Church in Poland. He removed all the existing doubts by saying clearly and firmly: "There is no Church of Łagiewniki or Church of Toruń. There is one Church of Christ".


„Niedziela” 50/2014

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