At the time of Jasna Góra Appeal on 13 September 2011

Before Mother’s face

Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś

Our Lady, Queen of Poland!
We are coming to you today in a special situation. This Saturday - 17 September, here in Jasna Góra, there will be a liturgical celebration of the Catholic weekly ‘Niedziela’, which is celebrating the 85th anniversary of its existence and the 30th anniversary of its return to the press market, after its suspension by communist government. We have brought today an edition of our weekly, because we would like to prepare well for our pilgrimage. We would also like to thank you, our Lady and our Queen, for 85 years of ‘Niedziela’ existence, for its founder, Bishop Teodor Kubina who perceived ‘Niedziela’ as a vicar assisting a parish priest and a suffragan assisting a bishop. It was him who was introducing our weekly in parishes in Poland and other parts of the world...
We thank you for bishops who assisted ‘Niedziela’ and, also, its editors with the first chief editor – Fr. Wojciech Mondry. We thank you for lots of writers and publicists who were creating the weekly. We thank you for Bishop Zdzisław Goliński who, as the second Bishop of Częstochowa, was attempting to re-establish ‘Niedziela’ during communism. It was him who emphasized that Częstochowa must have not only Jasna Góra but also clear– minded people. Finally, we thank you for Bishop Stefan Bareła who reactivated ‘Niedziela’ 30 years ago, and for the present spiritual shepherd – our beloved Archbishop Metropolitan – Stanisław Nowak. Thank you, Maria, for all the people who appeared on the road of ‘Niedziela’ in Poland and the whole world. I would like to thank you for American and Canadian Polonia, for missionaries in various places of the world who use ‘Niedziela’ and for all the works which are created around our weekly. Cardinal Stanisław Nagy, celebrating his 90th birthday on 30 September, will deliver a sermon during our pilgrimage Holy Mass. God gives him great spiritual and intellectual strength which makes him a carrier of John Paul’s II strength. The Church Doctrine which was proclaimed by John Paul II is supported by this great man and great cardinal. Mother, I want to thank you for Cardinal Stanisław Nagy – our friend. Mother, we are coming to you to Jasna Góra at the time of great fear. This week a TV program had to be removed from ‘Niedziela’ and replaced by articles of bishops and institutions which are protesting against the participation of a satanist in the public television. It hurts even more as one of the dissidents in TVP is a man who has worked for ‘Niedziela’ for 10 years. Mother, we want to apologize to you for this evil. Poland does not need a satanist in the public space. Poland is your property. Mother, you are the Queen in our homeland. The Polish nation adores you and has got the right to have you in the first place. The nation has got the right to have a good state law. We do not want to be governed by bad law. We do not want people who do not love God and you to decide about TV programs. Before coming elections, we pray for the national and personal wisdom and discernment. Mother, and our Queen, thanks to you the nation opens its eyes and does not allow for trampling on the cross, stabbing holiness and – despite various court verdicts – the nation adores God and respects the Bible. Whereas, although Catholic media amount to a small percentage in the press market, they are making a great attempt to bring the Kingdom of your Son into our life and remove the kingdom of satan from it.
Our Holy Mother, we apologize to you for our laziness, tardiness, national fault and for everything which opposes vows in Jasna Góra, recorded by God’s servant, cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. The Polish Pope – Blessed John Paul II showed us right ways thanks to which in Poland the right would mean the right, love would mean love and justice would mean justice. Let these values become national values as they represent the strength of Poland in Europe and the world.
Mary, the words of Blessed John Paul II: ‘Totus Tuus’ are also acknowledged by crowds of Polish hearts as their words. We want to belong to you. The whole Poland should say again: ‘Totus Tuus’. If you, our Mother, are with us, we will go into the future with much hope.


"Niedziela" 39/2011

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