We were joined by two Popes

Oskar and Edyta

We discovered the miracle of the World Youth Day in the year 2000. We went on a cycling pilgrimage to the World Youth Day in Rome to meet the beloved John Paul II. We set out as two strangers but the efforts of the journey made us close to each other and the time in Rome was unforgettable for us. We got to know numerous wonderful people and we felt in a unique way that Lord God was with us. You cannot describe your feelings when you stand in a big square among thousands of people. And when you close your eyes you have the impression that you stand before Lord God as an individual... You can only hear the quiet voice of the Pope. Then you realise that the people around you feel the same; that we belong to one community. In 2005 we cycled again, going on a pilgrimage to the World Youth Day in Cologne. That time we went to meet Benedict XVI. During that pilgrimage we got married in a little church in Germany. We experienced the miracle of the World Youth Day from a different perspective – as a married couple. Someone said once, ‘They were joined by two Popes...’
We often recollect these wonderful moments that we spent during the World Youth Days. Today we have a five-month-old son and we sincerely desire him to have the chance to participate in youth meetings in the future. Therefore, young people must continue the tradition of these days and participate in them so that the meetings last because ‘faith makes miracles happen’.

"Niedziela" 28/2008

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