They want to carry the message of Divine Mercy

Robert from Krakow

The atmosphere during the World Youth Day in Rome surpassed my most daring expectations. For the first time in my life I saw that you could enjoy your faith; that you could show your faith during the preaching; that young people belonging to different cultures and races could enjoy themselves and be united through faith in Christ. During the night vigil and Eucharist celebrated by the Holy Father I felt that I wanted to experience it again. When the Holy Father John Paul II announced the venue of the next youth meeting I knew that I had to do my best to be there. Preparing myself to the youth day in Toronto I began wondering how to make my faith grow. I though a lot what I could change, what I lacked to be better and what I could give to others. During the World Youth Day in Toronto I was greatly impressed by the Way of the Cross, especially the fifth station – Simon of Cirene – a disabled person – helping Jesus carry the cross. Then I asked myself, ‘have I ever done any selfless deeds?’ After having returned home I happened to meet a disabled person. I got to know Gosia who was on a wheelchair because of complete paresis of legs and then I remembered that Way of the Cross in Toronto. Consequently, I became a volunteer and since then I have helped disabled people in the Catholic Youth Association. After 2 April 2005 I felt great despair and sorrow after the death of the beloved Holy Father but the news about the continuation of youth days, announced by Pope Benedict XVI, reaffirmed my faith and motivated me to fulfil my resolutions. As it had been during the previous youth days I met wonderful people again, and until now I keep meeting them. This year in Sydney I am going to participate in the World Youth Day for the last time. I do not know what I find on my way, what task I will undertake after my return but I know one thing that the patrons of this meeting will be the servants of Divine Mercy: John Paul II, the initiator of World Youth Days, and St Faustyna Kowalska, the secretary of Divine Mercy. Being a Cracovian, connected with Lagiewniki and the Divine Mercy Shrine, I want to carry the message of Divine Mercy to distant Australia...

"Niedziela" 28/2008

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