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Rosary in my life

This prayer is apparently associated with monotony, boredom and mindless rattling off 'Hail Mary'. But it turns out that it need not be so. And the rosary is also prayed by young people, who are educated and well off. In our survey they stress its unique depth and beauty.

Rosary is an exorcism

Krzysztof Krawczyk, pop singer who is well known in Poland and abroad
Rosary is a spiritual lifebelt for me. I have been in a dead end several times, and I could do nothing from the human point of view. In 1980s I was in hospital in Bydgoszcz and my condition was very serious. There I was born in a spiritual way. I participated in the Eucharist, celebrated by Fr Krzysztof. I prayed the rosary, too. One night I felt that my condition was getting worse; I felt terrible pain and did not have any strength to call my wife Ewa who slept in the next room. Through my teeth that were gritted in pain I asked God for help, having faith in my heart. I prayed ten Hail Marys and fell asleep like a child. I woke up as a happy man and in a much better condition. In the morning the doctors saw that change. Without undermining the merits of doctors and nurses I want to say that it was the Mother of God who cared for me so much. It was only me that knew I did recover thanks to my confident prayer to God on the rosary. I often turn to God in prayer, God who is my Master: 'Jesus Christ, You know my heart better than me, You know I do not lie.' I have experienced the power of the evil spirit in my life several times. Once I argued with my wife. My fierce arguments made Ewa cry. She refused to go to the concert, and it was her that was responsible for its organisation. She is an excellent organiser and she is my invaluable help. I was very worried. I got into my car, slammed the door and began to pray the rosary, 'Lord Jesus, You see that I cannot do anything. Only You can help me'. I had hardly finished when Ewa, who was still crying, got into the car and we set out together...
When I was in the USA I drove with my wife for 16 hours on the motorway. When our car was over a bridge, some 500 m over a canyon, I heard a satanic whisper telling me to turn and have done with everything. At that moment Ewa 'reflected' the wheel decisively and we bumped into the crash barrier. Afterwards she began to pray the rosary aloud. She said my face was twisted in some inhuman grimace. At first I cried I did not want any rosary but silently I prayed with Ewa. I am sure that evil - Satan that fights for our life after death and wants us to argue with God - exists. The evil spirit is consistent in his actions in order to make us fall. But we can defend ourselves against the attacks of the evil one - the shield and the sword against the evil spirit is the Rosary. Those who pray the rosary must be aware that the attacks of the evil one will be stronger because Satan will want to pull them away from that prayer.
I am only a weak man. Watching reports on cataclysms and wars I wonder where so much evil in the world comes from; I have moments of doubts. It happened that when I was praying the rosary I 'bargained' with God. Recently I had an arrhythmia in the morning. I should have gone to hospital. I feared a lot because I was giving a concert that evening. I prayed the rosary asking for the intercession of John Paul II. I poured out my troubles like a child and asked for health through the intercession of John Paul II whom I 'reminded' that after his death I sang the songs 'Barka' (Boat) and Abba, Ojcze (Abba, Father) at every concert. The heart troubles disappeared and I could sing at the concert.
I have got several rosaries. I got one from John Paul II. I never take it with me. I am afraid of losing it. Another rosary is very precious to me, namely the one I received from a certain Polish woman at the concert in Germany. The rosary was brought from Fatima; it is worn out and one can see that it was frequently used. I prayed this rosary, which was on my bed table when I had the heart troubles. I had hardly said ten Hail Marys when I felt better. I checked my pulse. It was regular. I would like very much that the rosary is not only a lifebelt but also my daily prayer. I can confirm that the rosary has proved to be my shield and armour against evil attempts in my life.

Rafal Chroninski listened to W. Krawczyk.

Bread for soul

Jan Kobuszewski, known TV and theatre actor
As far as I can remember, i.e. since I was four, all my family: father, mother, two sisters, aunt and I prayed the rosary at home. We did this all the time, throughout the occupation and even during the Warsaw Rising. We prayed together, aloud. After having said all the mysteries we prayed the Loreto Litany and then the prayer to Mary 'Pod Twoja obrone' (Under Your protection), and finally, the prayer for the dead.
This family custom influenced my life and the tradition of common prayer has certainly formed my character. Today I can say that the home Rosary was the bread for my soul.

Milena Kindziuk listened to J. Kobuszewski.

This is my lifebelt

Bodgan Sadowski, vice-director of the Catholic Programme Board TVP
The rosary is the most important prayer that I have ever practised although I must admit that for long I have had problems with that prayer. Once I thought that it was for the older people. During the marshal law I began praying the rosary regularly. And since then I have done it every day. The rosary is some kind of a lifebelt for me. I realise that my prayer is not too good, I still feel hungry for prayer. And thanks to the fact that I pray the rosary I have the impression that my prayer is not so bad.
I appreciate the rosary for its simplicity and at the same time its depth and effectiveness. I have experienced that whatever I ask for, praying the rosary, it comes true.
I pray the rosary in various places, e.g. in my car. I live near Warsaw, so my journey to work is a perfect occasion to pray the rosary. The place is not so important. The important thing is to pray it regularly. I am a specialist in church art and it seems to me that we speak too little about the rosary as an object. Yet its history is extraordinary. Once the rosary was very popular, people carried it at the belt. Today we have limited its form but it is good that the prayer of the rosary is so spread, first of all thanks to John Paul II.

Piotr Chmielinski listened to B. Sadowski

A football player also needs prayer

Roman Kosecki, played for Poland several times
Since my childhood I have always been close to God and the Church. It was during my sports career and it is now. Together with Fr Mariusz Zapolski I organised sportsmen's ministry. When I played in 'Legia' Fr Zapolski was our chaplain. I was the coach of Polish priests' team. We were in Rome where the Polish priests' team played the team of the Swiss Guard and the Vatican team.
A football player has many stresses and needs to calm down. A moment of quietness, standing before God, is necessary. When we play an important match we honour the opponent but we need to concentrate and turn to God. Players and other sportsmen often resort to prayer. This gives them motivation, let them relieve stress and have maximum of concentration.
During my career I often prayed. Before the matches, which we played on Sundays, I went to Mass with my colleagues. Living a life of faith is very important to many sportsmen. We often see players making the sign of the cross after a goal or good pass. Many sportsmen make the sign of the cross before every match. This short turning to God, dedicating him your efforts in the contest is what sportsmen need very much.
I sometimes prayed the rosary although to be honest I did not often do it. At the beginning of my career I had a serious injury. I did not play football for half a year. This was the time of intense prayer that kept me going. After six months I played again. Thanks to my prayer I did not break down.

Rafal Chrominski listened to R. Kosecki.

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