Pope Francis

Pope Francis made a special speech on the jubilee of the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Częstochowa. Pope’s message on video was presented on 26 August this years at the beginning of the Holy Mass celebrated at Jasna Góra, being an important highlight of the jubilee celebration. Below there is the whole text of the pope’s message

Dear Pilgrims! I greet all of you very cordially, particularly those who have made such a long way to come here today – with our dear brothers bishops and priests – to the spiritual capital of the country. If Częstochowa is in the heart of Poland, it means that Poland has motherly heart; it means that every pulse of life is connected with Our Lady. You are supposed to entrust Her everything: the past, the present, the future, joys and worries of your personal life and life of your beloved country. This is very beautiful. It is a pleasure for me to reminisce a fact that I did it with you last year, when the eye look of the Mother penetrated me, when my eyes met with the eyes of Madonna, when I was entrusting Her heart what was in my and your heart. I have a lively and grateful memory of those joyful moments when I was also a pilgrim to celebrate the 1050th anniversary of Poland Baptism under the eye look of the Mother.

Today we are all together due to another occasion full of grace: 300 years ago, the pope allowed for putting the papal crowns onto the image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, your Queen. This is a great honour to have mother the Queen, the same Queen of angels and the saints, who gloriously reigns in Heaven. Nevertheless, what is much more joyful is the fact that the Queen is the mother and also that we have the Queen as our mother, that we love her, Our Lady, as our mother! The holy image shows that Mary is not a distanced queen who is sitting on the throne, but that she is the Mother who is embracing Her Son, and also us, Her children, together with Him. She is our real Mother with Her wounded face. Mother who is suffering as she really takes problems of our life into Her heart. She is our dear Mother who will never let us down. She is a considerate Mother who is holding our hands during our everyday journey of our life. I wish you experience it when celebrating this solemn jubilee. May this particular moment make you feel that nobody of you is an orphan in this world full of orphans! None of you is an orphan as each of you has the Mother nearby – the Queen unsurpassed in love! She knows and accompanies us in Her typically motherly way – humble and also brave one, never pushy one, and always being good, patient towards evil and active in promoting harmony.

May Our Lady help you receive grace so that you could be happy as a family gathered around the Mother. In this spirit of the church community which is also strengthened thanks to the relation connecting Poland with the successor of Peter, I give you my apostolic blessing from all my heart and I ask all of you to pray for me. Thank you! May Almighty God bless you: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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