She used to say till the end of her life that death of a child is a stone for the whole life. But she also said that she accepted life which she had. Because God knows the best what he does. And she forgave murderers of her son

When Marianna Popiełuszko heard on TV that the body of Fr. Jerzy had been found, she was not able to say a word. When she saw the beloved, massacred body of her son in a dissecting-room, she started crying loudly. She was saying farewell to him. She kneeled down, was kissing his legs and hands. – I do not deserve kissing his face – she said. And later she whispered: - I am pain to the very Heaven.

How to cope with such big suffering? As if some part of her died.

- It is good where we are absent – she cut off all questions. – It is good as it is. Mary was also a mother. She was standing at the cross and suffering together with Jesus. What God planned for somebody, human jealously will not steal. And it will not be dropped from a hand, either.

She always knew that suffering must be in life. And she explained it in this way: there is no human life without the cross or suffering. This is in nature: once the sun shines, once it rains. And everything is needed. After all, balance is needed.

- If my son chose priestly life, he must have known that he might become a martyr. Because devoting one’s life for faith is inscribed in priestly vocation – she explained. She also knew from the beginning that the murderers had fought not with her son but with God. – After all, they attacked not Popiełuszko, but the cassock. They attacked the whole Church. But I do not judge anybody, I do not demand anyone’s death. God will do it himself. The murderers will have to have such a penance, as it will be needed. Let Jesus forgive them. I would be glad if they got religiously converted.

At the end of her life, Mrs. Marianna received more and more letters. People asked her for prayers. They asked how to cope with suffering in life. She answered simply and honestly: - Do not plunge into despair. It should be replaced by faith. Then the man will succeed. Only strong faith can help the man to survive. Because if God gives life, he also gives death. – I feel peace in my soul because I accept everything from God’s hand: either suffering, or pain, or poverty. If you do not accept life which you have, you will not find peace.


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