Fr. Nikodem Kilnar OSPPE, A National Pastor of Ecclesiastical Musicians

Alicja Golaszewska was born on 5 March 1951 in Gniewkow near Inowroclaw. In 1971 she gained a certificate of graduating from the State Music Secondary School in Gdansk-Wrzeszczow, in the piano class. Being still a student of the secondary school, she started serving as an organist in the parish of the Blessed Heart of Jesus in Gniewkow, where she also conducted a mixed choir and children's choir. She also created and conducted an instrumental and vocal band in the Academic Pastoral Ministry in Gdansk – Wrzeszczow. From the moment of starting studies at the Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw (musicology!), she worked temporarily in the church of the Wizitki Sisters and in the church of the Holy Spirit of the Pauline Fathers in Warsaw. She organized there, among the others, weekly meetings with a religious song, prepared musical frame for the Holy Mass every third Sunday, vigil prayers at nights, and also rosary services and the Cross Stations services. From 1967 she regularly participated in the Warsaw Walking Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora where she worked with the youth, composing and teaching them pilgrimage songs, also playing an accordion. In 1977 she passed an MA exam at the Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw. She also graduated from a conductor's course, instrumentalisation course and a course for organists supervised by prof. Tadeusz Olszewski. On 26 August 1977 she addressed her request to the Pauline Fathers to be accepted as an organist at Jasna Gora. Alicja Golaszewska started her fruitful musical ministry lasting till the end of her life on 16 September 1977. She was also a director of a youth's band in the chapel of St. Joseph at Jasna Gora. She was known as a composer of many pilgrimage songs. After a long and severe illness she passed away to the home of Father on 29 September 2014.

Alicja, let angels choirs take You and have eternal joy with Risen Christ!


„Niedziela” 40/2014

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